Thursday, 31 May 2007

This week I have been mostly...

..knackered, being on holiday has that effect on me.

Partizan was good at the weekend, although we didn't really get much of the game played! I picked up some more stuff for the Crusades from Gripping Beast, lots of books on the Crusades from Hersants, MDF bases and some valejo paints from Mike at Stronghold.

I also picked up a few more Arthurians to paint up for the Beastie web pages and got those out of the way first. They are painted in the sam way as the step-by-step arthurians from last month and they came out quite well. The Heroes pack (ABR08) is always a challenge, particularly as I have never got on with the chap pointing with his shield strapped to his back. He always looks to "viking" and I never get an arthurain vibe from him. In the end he came out alright, but I had several attempts at his tunic before settling on the purple.

The parade helmet chap came out very nicely. This was prepared in the "non-metallic metal followed by a silver glaze" method, and it really brings out the sculpting of the piece. This figure is also tricky because his shield is so tall and narrow it doesn't take most shield designs well. In the end I opted for a blue boar below the boss.

The second pack, ABR07, was a much more straightforward proposition. Again, see the step-by-step from May for the techniques. The only addition is painting the chaonmail. I always do this first as it involves a lot of messy drybrushing. In this cas I drybrushed on successive layers of charcoal grey, dove grey and metallic white. (all Anita's Acrylics) followed by a thinned black ink wash. The metallic white is quite find. It gives a much more "silver" effect than silver paint at this scale and I will be using it a lot for this kind of work.

More crusaders next!

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Lionheart WIP (4)

All done apart from the basing - or close enough anyway.
Not a bad result, but I'm gald I only have to paint him once.
Sorting out for Partizan tomorrow, say hi if you are passing the Back of Beyond game on Sunday. Blog will resume next week!

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Lionheart WIP (3)

I bit the bullet and added the lions to the barding. I'm getting the hang of them now and they came out OK (the other side is done too, but you'll have to take my word for it). The critical thing os to positon them correctly. I paint in the head first, starting with the top one of the three, then the bottom one, then fitting the middle one in-between. The diagram below shows how I go about building up the shape and adding highlights.

I have also started to paint in the cloak. You can't really see, but it has a basecoat of GW Regal Bluse, then this is virtually all covered with ultramarines blue, then washed with 50/50 of the regal and ultramarine, then washed with 90/10 regal/ultramarine. Highlighting will be added tomorrow and maybe a border.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Back to the Crusades - WIP 2

Painting the lions on the figure is quite an intensive bit of work, so progress looks a bit slow. I painted for 45 mins to an hour tonight and basically painted 6 lions, 3 each on the shield and tabard. I also gilded the front of the helmet in a NMM gold stylee.

In all cases the colours were mixed from a base of bestial brown, through snakebite leather gradually adding in desert yellow and Cream (all but the cream being GW, the cream being Anita's acrylics). I think they came out pretty well, but I might glaze the gold on the helmet tomorrow with a bit of gold&PVA. I'll see how I feel tomorrow.

I now need to paint more lions in the barding, or chicken out and just do a fancy gold border...or both. Hmm, a headache either way


Sunday, 20 May 2007

Back to the Crusades - WIP

OK, so my crusaders need a general, and who better than the Lionheart himself. Here is the work-in-progress shot for this evening.
The metallic areas were built up from a series of lighter drybrushes, starting with wedgewood blue and dove grey, building up to cream and then silver. These were followed by a wash with charcoal paint, then another silver drybrush, then a glaze of PVA, silver and black. Some of the helmet will later be picked out in a gold effect.
The red areas were built up in blended layers, starting with burnt sienna, then gradually adding in raspberry, up to pure raspberry, then gradually adding in GW blazing orange, up to blazing orange on its own. The layers were painted on using very thin paint, to aid the blending between layers, and to avoid the whole thing looking too orange, rather than highlighted red. The photo looks a little more orange than the actual thing.
More tomorrow

Blasts from the past

A couple of folks have asked about painting techniques following the Arthurian pictures. Here is a mixed bag of some stuff from a few years back. The gallic warband are Essex 15mm, part of an aborted DBM army with a silly level of stripes and checks on their clothing. I've never really had the enthusiasm to paint up any more to match. The gallic cavalryman is a Foundry 28mm figure sculpted by Mark Copplestone, part of a unit that attaches itself to my Caesarian Romans.
The greek musician is another Foundry figure, sculpted by Steve Saleh, painted when the "World of the Greeks" range was first released, and Foundry still dominated the world. I included this so show how I painted the bronze armour on this army. The undercoat was red-oxide spray, the base colour was Citadel Brazen Brass, this was highlighted with Folk-Art Metallic Pure Gold and further highlighted by mixing the gold with some silver. Once dry the whole thing was glazed with a mixture of varnish, yellow ink and (if I recall) a tiny amount each of chestnut and brown inks. My painting has come on a bit since I did this chap, but I think the bronze is about as good as I have done. I might have to experiment with a NMM + glaze approach as I have been trying for the more silvery colours.
Crusader general undercoated, I think I might go for a Richard the Lionheart look - If I can work out how to paint lions...

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Arthurians for the Beast: Part 5

OK, here is the final instalment, starting with the work-up on the spears. First come base coats of bestial brown and charcoal for the shaft and head respectively:Each is then given a first highlight. The spear shaft gets short strokes of snakebite leather, while the spearhead gets wedgewood blue (as with painting the helmets): The next level involves Coffee on top of the snakebite leather and a mix of cream and weggewood blue for the spear head:

The spearhead is then finally highlighted with cream and then with white, both are shown in the following picture

The finishing touch is a thin wash of PVA and brown ink on the spearshaft - for colour tinting and to strengthen the hand-spear joint, and a thin wash of PVA, black paint and silver paint on the spearshaft:

Lastly the bases are finished off with a variety of browns and some static grass, glued on with PVA
The helmets, bosses and spearheds had a final finish of gloss varnish&PVA lightly washed onto the highlight areas

This last picture came out really well. I'm pretty pleased overall with the paintwork on these figures and hopefully the beastie boys (TM) will like them when I hand them over at Partizan.

I hope this has been of interest to some folks out there, thanks for the kind comments. It'll probably be a while before I post a full tutorial again as it is very tome consuming, but this one has been fun!

A big bag of beastie crusaders now awaits my attention


Arthurians for the Beast: Part 4b

On reflection this morning I didn't really like the shileds too much, apart from the really fancy one. They looked too fussy and not really "Arthurian" - a purely subjective view. It inly took about 15 mins though to amend the designs to those below, which I am much happer with. All the colours used are the same as the last installment

I kept the little dragon "ting" as Dave calls it, as this turned out really well last night.

I have just glued on the spears so am waiting for the superglue gel to cure fully.

Friday, 18 May 2007

Arthurians for the Beast: Part 4

Shields today. I'll finishe the rest tomorrow as I have to watch the Test Match highlights tonight. The shields are given a base coat of regal blue, then a lighter coat of regal blue/ultramarines blue.

A cross is then marked out using Sand coloured paint, as hsown in the photo. One shield is given an extra bit of decoration with a circle joining the arms of the cross. There is no "trick" to the circle, just a steady hand
Details are then painted in using burnt sienna (as they will be red). The blu areas are highlighted with ultramarines blue

The red is then picked out again with blood red and the white areas highlighted with Cream

Blazing orange highlights the red bits and white gives a final finish over the cream. The photo below shows the stages of highlighting one of the shields. The circle between the arms of the cross was painted using only Sand and White without the Cream as an intermediate. This is to give the pattern painted on a bit more distinction

Finally a close-up of one of the figures with his completed sheild. I have undercoated the spears so will finish those and the bases over the weekend

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Arthurians for the Beast: Part 3

Ok, part 3 of the "how I did it" guide to painting these figures. Whose dumb idea was this? It takes ages to photograph all (well most) of the steps! Above you can see where I have blocked in the decoration for the tunics. As all of this wiil be red I have opted for burnt sienna as a base colour. Below I have used blood red to fill in most of these areas just leaving the burnt sienna showing where the clothing folds to create shadow. It is imprtant not to leave too much of a dark edge around these coloured areas as they begin to look odd and less natural - so dark base colour onlt in the "folds".

The red areas are then highlighted with blazing orange, then finally a small amount of fiery orange on the highlights

The effect of all this highlighting can be seen in the enlarged photo below:

I wanted to add a bit of decoration to a couple of the tinics. For this I used pure white and a fine brush to add dots and lines to create a pattern. It looks better, I think, just to stick to white here. Trying to start a bit darler and work up is just overkill and ends up looking quite unconvincing I find.

Now it is time to paint the leatherwork. Starting with bestial brown, then snakebite leather and working up to lighter colours

Finally the leatherwork is finished with thinned chestnut ink

The buckles etc on the leatherwork are then painted in simply with silver paint and no fancy effects

The trousers are now painted. Two figures have brown trousers and one has green, the fourth has black which we will come back to. The brown and green are blocked in below:

and then washed with darkened versions of the same colour as washes.

The black trousers are then "layered" using:
  1. Regal blue and black
  2. Black and dwarf flesh
  3. Black and more dwarf fles
  4. Thin wash of black pint to tone things back down and blend the colours together

The other trousers are then highlighted with the original colours, then these colurs lightened by adding in a little "Sand" paint

The green ended up a little too light, so was toned down with a thin wash of catachan green on its own
The shoes come next - my least favourite part of painting figures :-( so we will keep it quick. The shoes are painted with bestial brown, then highlighted with a bestial brown/snakebite leather mix

...and then given a thin wash of brown ink & water to finishe them off

Sorted, just the shields and weapons left to do!
Actual painting time so far is about an hour per figure, the photos and blog add to this considerably