Saturday, 26 March 2016

My Wargaming Week, 26th March 2016

Another unit finished this week. 

These are continental infantry intended to be Pennsylvanians and loosely based on a painting of a man of the 3rd Pa.

The figures are mostly Perry plastics, the first time I have painted these as what they should be since I picked them up at Salute when first released!

The exception is the standard bearer who was converts from a Foundry minuteman with a musket over his shoulder. A quick job with the side cutters, a pin vice and a file:

The same unit on the advance:

Lastly some shots to prove I do play games too. Thanks to Matt for a good battle on Thursday night.

Next up are more continentals. Metals this time.


Sunday, 20 March 2016

My Wargaming Week, 20th March 2016

Another week and another blog post. It seems this plan to put up a post each weekend is working so far this year!

I have painted a couple of small units this week and finally based a larger one.

First of the small units are the foot component of the 16th light dragoons. 
I have included the horse as I had two of the officer/pointing figures, so turning one into a horse-holder worked well. Not a new idea as he had previously been doing the same but in a green coat since about 2004. Seven of the figures were painted from scratch and two are over-paints of earlier work.

The faces look a bit basic this close-up but on the table they look fine and frankly I'm worrying a little less about some of the fine details as the years go by.

Next, I finally finished basing the Queen's Rangers (1777 appearance - see earlier post) on the third attempt. The light company are on split-bases so they can be more easily fielded in a skirmish formation. This unit looks almost napoleonic with its attached flank companies.

 Lastly for today is a unit of the 2nd Light Dragoons. These are the one-piece castings by Perry Miniatures and they are OK, but some of the horses had been a bit squished in the packaging and took some straightening out as their front legs had collapsed. I never did get the light brown one quite right. The painting on the horses came out quite well though, with a couple of washes (mixed from GW washed with a little paint added) and highlighting with multiple layers of diluted paint.

I have also been working on the latest iteration of my rules, all as part of the build up to my game at Partizan in May.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

My Wargaming Week, 13th March 2016

Hi all.

This week has seen progress on the Queen's Rangers with my interpretation of how they may have looked in mid 1777. This was before they began wearing the well known roundabouts and leather caps. In 1777 they were a loyalist infantry unit with a similar structure to a regular line battalion.

Below is thier commander of the time, Major Weymss. His base still needs finishing and I might do some more work on his face.
The rest of the unit is painted but these bases will be changed for deeper ones before the groundwork goes on.

1. Centre companies
2. Grenadier company
3. Highland company
4. Light company.

I have also made some casualty markers using the dice frames and round bases that I bought at Hammerhead last week.
And some disordered markers using some Litko products from Figures in Comfort:

Lastly, here is the next unit on hone production line; 2nd Continental Light Dragoons. These have been block painted and washed. Highlighting next...


Saturday, 5 March 2016

My Wargaming Week, 5th March 2016

This week I have finished the basing for Ottendorf's Corps of light infantry companies.

...and made a start on the Queen's Rangers as they would have been (more or less) in June 1777. This means uniforms of cut-down coats (green with green facings). The more familiar roundabout jackets and leather caps didn't feature until about 1780. Below is the commander of the regiment, Major Wemyss (ex-40th Foot and later commander of the 63rd). I'm quite pleased with the white horse as I find these a bit tricky to get right.

There are lots more Queen's Rangers to come, using a variety of figures from the Foundry and Perry ranges. 

Verdun at Hammerhead, March 5th 2016

Photos of James Morris's Fort Vaux game from today's Hammerhead show in Newark.
Lots of tunnel fighting...