Sunday, 24 February 2013

Man 'flu

Slow progress due to a serious bout of man flu and my youngest daughter's birthday. I'm about a third of the way through a second unit of gothic foot and will crack on with these during the week, possibly with photos...

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Hill Fort part 8

Pretty well finished and garrisoned. I'm very pleased with how this project has turned out. The only major purchase was the cork bark, and I've only used about £2 worth of that, everything else was stuff I had lying around or needed to replenish anyway (PVA glue etc). I'll add gates at some point but the important thing is that this is now finished to the degree where I can play a pretty game.

Here are some pictures, I have included the original planning shot for a comparison.

Hill Fort part 7

The fort is now almost done, somewhat sooner than I expected. Here are some photos with the scenic stuff done and some WIP shots of the gatehouse and the magnabased cradle into which it will fit. When painted the cradle will be glued to the fort superstructure leaving the more delicate gatehouse removable between games.

I even managed to find a little ladder of about the right size!


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Gothic infantry

First unit of Gothic noble foot all finished. I'm using a theme of having the same coloured shields and matching cloaks on each base. Next one will probably be green and white shield with blue cloaks.

Hill Fort part 6

Paint just drying. Next step will be the grit and static grass to tie-in with the figure bases...and the gatehouse eventually!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Hill Fort part...err...5 I think

The fort has progressed with the addition of texture in the form of chinchilla sand and cork-bark sawdust, followed by a coat of cuprinol rustic brown fence paint; which I have used for all my scenery projects over the last 5 or so years.

This all needs to thoroughly dry out so it is currently on the kitchen table as that is a lot warmer than the garage.

Now, on with the gothic infantry; a mix of touching-up, repainting and some new painting from the lead pile - and new shields pretty much all round. There is the better part of 90 figures so they should keep me busy. I'm fighting the urge to put on an order to Foundry, but in keeping with these austere days I think I should finish some of the spare lead first, and to be honest I already have plenty of stuff for this period. What I think I'll do is finish off the gothic/Arthurian/roman stuff I have, so it is all based up on the 120mm elements and the see what I need to fill in the gaps.

I might even be ready then to go back and paint some more ECW stuff.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Goths and Romans

Finished the basing on those Goth cavalry and had a good day yesterday re painting those Roman skirmishers, now 100% finished. The shields painted up particularly nicely I think and I'm tempted to do some Shieldwall and archer units to match.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Roman skirmishers

Quick repaint. About 85% done.

Salute demo planning

James and I are organising two games of Dux Bellorum for Salute 2013. One will be an Arthur vs Saxons game possibly using the Wallop scenario I wrote for WSS. The other will be a big bash using large armies (50pts perhaps) and will revisit the Barbarian Conspiracy that was the subject of our first Salute demo in 2000. This will feature Late Romans one one side and whatever Barbarians James feels like fielding on the other. Andy Hawes will be supplying Arthur's army so the eye candy should be good!

We also hope to be joined by rules author Dan Mersey so please feel free to stop by and have a look, a chat, etc. I might even have that hill fort ready!

Hill Fort part 4

Palisade assembled with hot glue and rough layer of filler added.

This needs a good few days to dry befor I add some textured paint.

If you look around the gateway you can see where the gatehouse can be dropped on- once I have worked it out and built it.

Next up will be the gate house and some more figures. Probably 4 Late Roman skirmishers I think, ready for our demo games at Salute in April.


Hill Fort part 3 (jigging around)

I have been churning out sections of palisade today, made from matchsticks and thought it might be of interest to show how I have gone about it.

The sections have been assembled in jigs I have made from some spare MDF, lolly sticks and matches. One is shown in the photo. The gap in the jig is filled with matches and then another match is glued in line with the base of the jig, meaning that the height above this level will be the inch that I want. A second match is glued to give strength higher up and another glued alongside the match along the base for yet more strength.

Once the glue has dried the sections are removed from the jigs and the spare lengths of match, the bits sticking out beyond the base of the jig, are cut away. I use a big pair if scissors but proper model makers may prefer a saw or knife. This is why we needed all that glue and strengthening!

Once I have finished the 30 sections I need for the fort perimeter they can be glued in place. I'll also make some taller sections to line the entrance to the fort under the gatehouse.

The gatehouse itself will be removable although the supporting pillars will be glued in place. They have been shortened since the test shots yesterday. I might use some magnabased to make this a bit more robust.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Hill Fort part 2

Construction continues. Cork bark has been inserted to make cliff faces and I have started the palisade. It looks like it does so I can prefabricate palisade sections and drop them in. One photo shows the posts that will hold the removable gatehouse.

Next step is to glue together lots of matchstick palisade sections! I may be some time...

Gothic cavalry

Painting done, basing to do.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Horse Archers Based

Got the basing finished today among other things. Gradually chirping away at 6 gothic cavalry.

Hill Fort part 1

I fancy a hill fort to go with my Arthurian collection. Unfortunately the commercially available ones don't really accommodate 120x60mm elements very well and are pretty expensive. So I thought I'd have a go at scratch building something.

I had a lot of complex ideas for modular walls but in the end decided to go simple and use an old terrain tile as the basis. The photos show how I arranged 8 infantry elements into a suitable shape the drew around their fronts and backs to mark out the rampart. The rest of the tile was the cut away using an old bread knife, a Stanley knife and a flat blade screwdriver. The resulting dome/doughnut was then roughly sanded and glued to an old piece of hardboard ready for some more advanced modelling later in the week.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Rummaging Around

I had a bit of a forage in the garage lead pile this evening. Between the figures awaiting rebasing & new shields and a box of unpainted/partpiinted stuff I seem to have enough Foundry Saxon/Frank figures to put together half a dozen units of warriors and probably some skimishers too. I've already undercoated some old mounted figures so I think I have the makings of a generic germanic army, which will fulfill the role of visigoths and assorted sundry types to add to my Dux Bellorum options.

It is nice to fall back on some old lead without having to fork out any cash for new stuff. I will eventually need some more cavalry and probaby some more infantry, but this will make a big difference to the project. I wonder how much I can get done before Salute?


Dux Bellorum game (7 Feb 13)

No painting last night as I was in Nottingham for a game of Dux Bellorum. After a quick pub meal James and I set to organising our armies.

James took a Romano-British army consisting of shield wall companions, six units of levy shield wall, some noble riders, javelin armed foot skirmishers, sling armed foot skirmishers, and some mounted skirmishers. He added two units of allied warriors to give some punch to the army.

I went for Late Romans and we rationalised this as being a skirmish arising from Riothamus's campaign in Gaul, opposed by local Gallo-Romans. I went for a small, capable force composed of mounted companions, noble riders, ordinary riders, noble shield wall and two units of ordinary shield wall, supported by a unit of bow armed skirmishers and a unit of javelin armed mounted skirmishers. I also spent points on two extra leadership points.

Rolling for aggression James came out as the aggressor allowing me the luxury of reacting to his deployment. This, coupled with the extra leadership proved a huge advantage. This was compounded by the warriors being sent in early allowing them to be defeated before the lumbering mass of spearmen could catch up. This put Riothamus on the back foot and despite my units getting pretty bashed up I was able to keep knocking off those levy until the British morale broke.

It looked one sided at the end but I did have many units clinging on to their final point of cohesion so with a bit of luck it could have gone the other way. We thought that levy were interesting but you need a good plan to get the best out of them, and that a game with levy in both armies would be interesting. We played using all the optional rules, limiting defensive LPs to two per unit per turn. These all added to the game with no significant increase in complexity.

All in all a great game.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


The painting is just about done. I still could do with putting a dot of white in each horses' eyes, but I have started basing.

As these are horse archers I am making them look as if they are riding in circles, taking turns to shoot. The piece of brass rod is where small rings are put to mark hits on the element.

Oh, and I have forgotten to highlight the trousers of the chap on the grey horse. I'll attend to that once the glue has dried!


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

More WIP

More work in progress, shields tomorrow then a break for some gaming on Thursday.

Monday, 4 February 2013

WIP Late Roman horse archers

These should be finished by the end of the week. The chap on the left originally had a spear/lance but this has been substituted by an old Gripping Beast bow from the bits box. His shield is an Essex buckler with the central boss filed away. Two of the horses are A&A miniatures ones from their C5th range, the othe horse and the three riders are from Wargames Foundry and have been hanging around the in painted lead pile for many years. Now these archers do seem rather well armoured for skirmishes but I think they'll do the job for my "slightly decadent" Eastern Roman army; just a bit to brightly dressed, just a bit too "bling" if you know what I mean.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

More Late Romans

I have just about finished the basing on that unit of Late Roman infantry and have also done a base of skirmishing cavalry which I painted up this week. Shields were fun to paint but I think three is enough, chi-rho designs are much easier!