Sunday, 28 February 2016

My Wargaming Week 28th February 2016

It's still all painting and no gaming at the moment. This week I have finished off a battalion of light infantry for the 1776/77 campaigns.

These are the light infantry figures from the Wargames Foundry range, supplemented with a Perry officer in a roundabout jacket.

The 24 figures below can be used as a single battalion or combined with some other elements I have to become two 16 figure units.

The Foundry castings are old figures but still very nice to paint.

Also from this weekend are these chaps who are just starting the basing process:
These are my stab at "Ottendorf's Corps". This was a collection of rebel light companies that seems to have been envisaged as a counter to the Hessian jagers. Ottendorf himself defected to the crown and command fell to Armand. The survivors eventually formed part of Armand's Legion. As I wanted the unit as it might have looked in 1777 I have used information from the website of the reenactors of Captain Selim's company of Ottendorf's Corps to guide me on the unit's possible appearance. The nine figures are all from the pile of unpainted/part-painted and orphaned figures; they are a mix of Foundry uniformed militia and Perry continentals in hunting shirts.

Next to come are probably the 16th Light Dragoons and the Queen's Rangers (in 1777 uniform).

Sunday, 21 February 2016

British and Allies on parade

As I mentioned in my last post, I needed to reorganise my collection of AWI troops among their various storage boxes. The easiest way to do this is to get everything out and then put them away in a logical order.
While the troops were inboxes I took the opportunity to parade the British and allies. I might do the same for the rebels in a couple of weeks' time.

First we have the whole parade. There's close to 800 figures here.

Below we have the Hessian contingent with the newly finished units. If these are expanded then two further grenadier battalions are the priority.

Next we have the "posh" British in full uniform. These are suitable for the first year of the war (Bunker Hill etc) or as fresh off the boat units for the attack on New York in 1776 or possibly for newly arrived units in the south in 1781/2. Grenadiers are in the background, light companies in front and the 33rd, 55th and 44th regiments in the centre.

Regardless of date and theatre I'll probably use the grenadiers in full uniform whenever grenadiers are called for.

Below are the rougher, tougher British in campaign uniforms. The British Legion cavalry can also be seen in their green coats lurking behind the 17th Light Dragoons.

In front are the light companies that I am currently adding to. Briefly from back to front we see the 33rd, 71st, 23rd, 64th, 63rd, 1st Guards battalion, 2nd Guards battalion, Guards flank companies, light companies, artillery and officers.
 Lastly come the loyalists/provincials. At the back is a small unit of NY light dragoons, then the Royal North Carolina Regiment and the British Legion Foot. These two are from my original demo game of Camden back in 2002 and even though the uniforms aren't really very accurate I am clinging on to them for now; even with their older basing style.

In front of these are a couple of small loyalist battalions, then the Volunteers of Ireland and the South Carolina Royalists.

In the front row are some random loyalist light companies flanking Ferguson's riflemen. The latter aren't actually provincials as the unit was made of detachments from the regular army, but they seemed to fit in this section quite well.

So there we have it. The collection continues to grow so this is perhaps the last time I'll fit this army onto the kitchen table in its entirety!

Saturday, 20 February 2016

My Wargaming Week, 20th February 2016

Hi all

I have slowed down a little towards the end of the week and I'll be back at work from Monday so prepare for reduced output!

I have painted a base of light infantry and a small command stand to add to some existing bases of light infantry in campaign dress. These can all be seen below. The "old" bases are centre and left as viewed - composed of Perry figures in roundabouts. The new base is to the right - Wargames Foundry figures sculpted by Alan Perry. The command stand uses Perry figures in cut down coats; actually the officer might even be from the Perry Saratoga command pack:

Here is a closer view of the new base. Light infantry from a buff-faced regiment:
...and close ups of the command stand. Good use of spare figures from the lead pile.

Lastly, I have mixed up some new basing material. While not identical to my old batch I think the first picture in the post shows the match is pretty close. This should last me a good few years!

Overall, so far this year I have painted and based 3 mounted officers, 2 guns, 8 crew and nearly 100 infantry/command figures. Not a bad start to 2016.

I hope to reorganise my AWI figure storage tomorrow so there might be a grand parade...


Thursday, 18 February 2016

Thursday Progress

Hi all

Progress over the half-term holiday.

First up is my interpretation of Ferguson's riflemen from the 1777 campaigns in New Jersey and Philadelphia. These chaps were armed with a novel, if unreliable, breech loading rifle and could fire up to 6 shots a minute. The rifles could also accommodate a bayonet. The unit was disbanded after the Battle of Brandywine.

The uniform is an educated guess.

Next are some British Grenadiers that have been rebased and expanded. They can be fielded as one large battalion or split into two wings. I have based up a seperate major to act as a command stand if the unit is divided.

Finally for today is the Fusilier Regiment Erbprinz. The pink facings came out OK using Vallejo brown rose and washing with a GW red wash. Not my absolute best work but I think I was getting a bit exhausted with Hessians.

I have been through the bits box and have a few more of the Foundry grenadiers and ordered a few blisters of the Foundry British Light Infantry.

I also prepped some Front Rank 12 pound cannons, used some spare barrels on Foundry carriages to make a couple of "short" 12-pounders and finally assembled the Foundry 24-pounder that I bought when it was originally released about 15 years ago.

Next up are British Light Infantry.

The collection is now gathering units from the 1777 actions in the middle states, so the shopping list for March is likely to feature Queens Rangers and 16th LD.


Saturday, 13 February 2016

My Wargaming Week, 13th February 2015

Hi all.

In bits and bobs I have progressed with the Erbprinz Fusilier Regiment.

Last night I finished the block-painting and washed with Strong Tone ink.

This morning I have repainted the white leggings and waistcoats with dove grey. I have also repainted the faces and hands with Humbrol flesh then washed with Reikland Fleshshade. Lastly I painted the mitre fronts with shining silver then shaded with a mix of gunmetal paint and nuln oil wash, thinned with a dab of water. At this stage it all looks a bit rough but will come good at the end :-)

Next step will be to start the highlighting.

After this I plan a unit of British Grenadiers. Last night I nearly ordered these from Perry but at the last minute I realised I had 22 Foundry castings in the bits box. I was able to reduce the order to one pack of metal command and a plastic command sprue. The rest of the money was diverted to Front Rank and a couple of 1-horse limbers and horses. These will be used to pull those Hessian 4-pounders around.

It's half-term this week and I'm off, so I might even get a game set up. No promises though!


Saturday, 6 February 2016

My Wargaming Week, 6th Feb 2016

Hi there.

A fair week on the painting front has seen the Minningerode grenadier battalion finished, along with a few vignettes.

To celebrate, the recent additions to my hessian collection staged an impromptu parade:

Below are the Fusiliers von Lossberg with the Grenadier Regiment Rall in support:

A closer look at Rall:
And a close up of the as yet unnamed commander:
Flags are from GMB. Tricky to get to look right but I think I'm improving:
Commander again:

..and a vignette of an officer taking a pot-shot with his fusil:
The artillery stand ready:
...while their officer works out where the target is:

The grenadiers lead the way:

Close up of one stand:
And another. This officer figure is from the Copplestone-sculpted Foundry SYW Prussian range. Everything else is Perry.
..and finally the mass of troops moves off back to barracks.

A start has been made on the Fusilier Regt Erbprinz. Another 32 figures to grind through to get the basic colours blocked-in.