Saturday, 20 February 2016

My Wargaming Week, 20th February 2016

Hi all

I have slowed down a little towards the end of the week and I'll be back at work from Monday so prepare for reduced output!

I have painted a base of light infantry and a small command stand to add to some existing bases of light infantry in campaign dress. These can all be seen below. The "old" bases are centre and left as viewed - composed of Perry figures in roundabouts. The new base is to the right - Wargames Foundry figures sculpted by Alan Perry. The command stand uses Perry figures in cut down coats; actually the officer might even be from the Perry Saratoga command pack:

Here is a closer view of the new base. Light infantry from a buff-faced regiment:
...and close ups of the command stand. Good use of spare figures from the lead pile.

Lastly, I have mixed up some new basing material. While not identical to my old batch I think the first picture in the post shows the match is pretty close. This should last me a good few years!

Overall, so far this year I have painted and based 3 mounted officers, 2 guns, 8 crew and nearly 100 infantry/command figures. Not a bad start to 2016.

I hope to reorganise my AWI figure storage tomorrow so there might be a grand parade...



Neil Scott said...

More excellent work. Look forward to seeing a grand parade

Neil Scott said...

More excellent work. Look forward to seeing a grand parade

Michael Awdry said...

Splendid work Sir.

Michael Harker said...

What is your basing material mix Steve?

Steve said...

Hi Mike.
The new batch consists of dark brown turf scatter, medium green turf scatter, fine granite clippings and medium granite clippings (model railway "ballast"), chinchilla sand and plaster filler powder. The turf has to be broken down, I use a method like rubbing fat and flour when making pastry. It takes a bit of effort but looks OK in the end. I possibly overdue the filler powder, but I think I thought the same last time and it seemed to work out alright 😀