Sunday, 19 October 2014

Irregular gathering

Today James, Martin, Dave, Matt and myself got together in Newark and played a big game of Hail Caesar. We brought along all of our late republican roman figures and played a scenario based loosely on Thapsus. We played to an honourable draw in around 4 hours.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Lion Rampant

The latest rule book from Osprey Publishing dropped through the letterbox this weekend. Lion Rampant is a set of medieval large skirmish rules written by my chum Dan Mersey. Dan's previous rules for Osprey were Dux Bellorum which remains one of my favourites.

Lion Rampant looks excellent. I have avoided medievals in the past but these look sure to start a project or two. Most likely seems to be Glyndwr's revolt with late C13th Welsh vs English/Flemish forces or an imagination Italian Wars setting with two rival city states pinching each others taxes and raiding each others borders.

The former project will probably wait upon the Perries releasing their HYW plastics, the second could be done with the WOtR and European Mercenaries Perry plastics.
...and there are also those 3rd Crusade figures I started and never finished...


Here are the two M8 HMCs I have painted up to support my US late-war infantry.
Quite nice little vehicles but these Battlefront models lack the fine definition of detail on the resin hulls that their earlier models (or plastic models) have.
With some conversion I suppose the turrets could be used on hulls from the PSC stuart tanks, but you would need to replace the bow MG with a second vision slit/hatch. Overall I'm not fussed enough to bother!

At least one of these is likely to grace a Chain of Command game in the near future.

The overall paint scheme is a 50/50 mix of US olive drab and US dark green (Vallejo). I'm not sure that this is absolutely accurate but it seems about right.
Weathering is as follows: drybrush with Anita's sand, then drybrush lower down with Anits's coffee then wash the lower details with GW agrax earthshade mixed with a little bestial brown. I find this "reverse" method of starting with the lighter/drier colours working to darker and wetter gives the more realistic effect.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Marder III M

Just putting the finishing touches to this 15mm Marder for my late war Germans. Model is from Battlefront. Quite a decent model.

Some extra weathering will be added over the weekend and I'll also be finishing off a couple of M8 HMCs.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Chain of Command - first impressions

I played a quick solo game of Chain of Command today, having had the rules for a while.

Simple "Patrol" scenario with a late war Heer platoon + HMG encountering a US platoon + 60mm mortar.
The US never really got everything hooked up and the Heer got slightly the better of the dice luck, so in the end the hard-pressed Yanks withdrew when their morale reached 3 after the platoon lieutenant bought the farm. On reflection, they should have deployed smoke grenades and been more aggressive, HMG will always provoke a little reluctance.

The mortar didn't really get a chance to have much influence. I think a .30cal MG would have been more help...actually a tank would have been more help :-)

This was all played in 15mm, which looked really good.

Overall impression: impressed (and no bl**dy card activation).

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Available at last: Rebellion!

Well, after years of waiting my first solo-authored book is now available from Warlord Games.

Rebellion! is a supplement for the Black Powder rules, covering the American War of Independence (or American Rebellion or American Revolution, take your pick).

I am really pleased with how the finished book has turned out.

Now I'm off to juggle three current projects to carry me through the Autumn:
  1. More AWI militia in readiness for Guilford Courthouse at Salute (I have enough, I just want to revamp them and add some new command stands)
  2. "Chain of Command", 15mm Americans vs Germans in the Southern France campaign of 1944 - having just read Jeff Danby's excellent "Day of the Panzer"
  3. 28mm Ancients with the "Sword and Spear" rules.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Salute 2015

The application form for the 2015 demo game has gone off to the Warlords....