Sunday, 11 October 2015

A Polish River and a Polish Hill (1)

I have taken the same scenario as my last AWI battle but moved forward to 1939 and down to 15mm scale.

The defenders are now Poles:

...and the attackers German:

Might take a few days to get this one started!

Saturday, 10 October 2015

A river and a hill (3)

After a busy week at work I have now finished off this battle.

At the south bridge, the jagers and British Legion have fallen back but rallied-off their disorder

...while the provincial light infantry defend their bank of the river, keeping the Massachusetts continentals from crossing.

At the north bridge the 64th are pressing ahead with the 33rd in support with a section of 6-pdr artillery:

But the 64th march into a storm of artillery fire and musketry and soon find themselves hugging the river bank and trying to regain order:

The 33rd take up the advance, but both they and their continental opponents fall back from the results of the ensuing melee:

The south bridge becomes something of a stalemate:

and the rebels have little left in reserve to hold that hill:

The British at the north bridge need time to recover:

Southern stalemate continues

Finally the continentals in the north take enough damage to fall back and are followed up by the 17th Light Dragoons...

...and the provincial cavalry takes the opportunity to charge an isolated continental artillery section, risking the cannister fire.

The cavalry are victorious! The 17th actually broke through the infantry to hit the reforming 3rd Continental LD too. The provincials destroyed the guns but their breakthrough bounced-off some Virginians on the hill.

The virginia light infantry are left looking a bit lonely, as a Continental regiment routs in the distance.
 Back at the southern bridge the NY continentals will have to fall back or become cut-off, while the British Legion infantry hold firm.

 A narrow British victory, but it could have gone either way...

Sunday, 4 October 2015

A river and a hill (2)

The redcoats have crossed at the north bridge. The 64th Foot swept through a rifle battalion earning a breakthrough move which took them into contact with the unprepared 3rd LD. The dragoons' brave colonel Washington kept them going through two rounds of melee but they cracked in the third round and fell back disordered.

Everyone is being much more cagey around the south bridge. The remaining provincial regiment seems to have had enough.

Meanwhile the continental artillery section has made an unexpected escape to rejoin the continental regiment of the first brigade.

Now, do the reserve continentals hold the hill or counterattack?

A river and a hill (1)

After a busy summer I have finally made it back into the garage!

I'm working on a new scenario idea for one of my Miniature Wargames articles. This one combines a river crossing with an assault on a hill.

The set up features a couple of continental army brigades defending. The front line brigade has to cover two bridges with an infantry regiment, two small rifle battalions and a 6-pounder section. In reserve on the hill are two continental regiments, a small unit of light infantry, a further 6-pounder section and the 3rd continental light dragoons.

The initial attackers are a brigade of provincials (2 regiments) supported by jagers and two 6-pounder sections. They are tasked with getting one unit across the river in order to release their reinforcements.

After the first few turns the jagers and Britsh legion infantry are concentrating on the southern bridge while the Volunteers of Ireland head north to cover the flank. The supporting artillery split their fire between the continental artillery and infantry. The rebels concentrate on maintaining a steady fire.
The reserve brigade hold firm on the hill.

The provincials accumulate damage and disorder

Eventually the crown units' shooting breaks the rebel resolve and the defending units withdraw

The heroic jagers seize the opportunity to race across the southern bridge

And the British reinforcements arrive.

The reinforcements consist of the 33rd and 64th, provincial light companies, a troop of provincial light dragoons and a troop of the 17th light dragoons. How will they fare?

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Back from holiday

Hi all

I have spent the last two weeks in Majorca with the family.

We stayed at Cala d'or, which has a fort:

...and just along the coast is Cala Mondrego, which has a little bunker built into the cliff, overlooking the entrances to a couple of beaches:
Other than that, nothing wargames-related, but now I'm back I intend more WW2 testing of "5-Core Company Commander" on a PBI-style gridded board. First experiments were very promising.

...and more AWI painting of course!

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Lossberg Fusiliers, test figure

The next unit on the painting table are the Lossberg Fusilier Regiment. Here is the test figure I have painted up, only 29 more to go, plus a base of grenadiers...

Perry Miniatures figure. Painted using acrylics from a number of sources.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

64th Foot colour party

Finally finished, the standard bearers for the 64th.
Figures are Perry plastics and this time I cheated and bought flags from GMB. The finnials and tassels are part of the plastic set but be warned that the flagpoles are only just long enough to get tha flags and finnials fitted, and the it is tricky to paint the flying cords without making a mess of the flags.

The flags have then been curled into shape and shaded with dilute washes of strong tone ink.