Wednesday, 25 March 2020

1st New Hampshire, 1777 (Saratoga)

Hi all. With the Partizan show cancelled that we were due to stage in May the pressure is loosened on getting figures ready. This is lucky as life in the NHS has been very, very busy not least in terms of problem-solving which along with disruption to routines is really exhausting. 

Nevertheless painting is continuing and at the weekend I finished this unit to round out my New Hampshire continentals. The flag is hypothetical based on a contemporary description of a flag that may or may not have belonged to the 1st NH. Even if it did I’ve still changed the wording in the crest to N H 1, as I’d never have fitted “United States of America” in the space, and the terminology feels a little wrong to me as I imagine the USA emerging after Yorktown. I’m not saying it is wrong, just how it creates a dissonance for me. 

Hope you like these. It’s the 9th Massachusetts next, but they might take 2-3 weeks as it is a larger unit. 

Sunday, 8 March 2020

3rd New Hampshire, 1777 (Saratoga)

This week I have completed this regiment as it might have appeared during the Saratoga campaign. The regiment may have received some new coats and hunting shirts but I have also included a decent proportion of civilian clothing. 

The flag is speculative, using the 1776 NH state seal. 

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

1st Canadian Regiment, 1777 (Saratoga)

The latest addition to my Continental army is the 1st Canadian regiment as the might have looked in 1777 at the battle of Freeman’s Farm. 
As with the other recent additions these include a mix of Perry metal figures, Perry plastics and Wargames Foundry metal figures. 

The flag is one I painted up quickly. Didn’t quite know what to do so I used Warner’s regimental flag as a template but gave it a white field to match the unit facings. 

I’m now working on the final four regiments for my Saratoga army: 1st NH, 3rd NH and two Massachusetts Bay regiments. 

Sunday, 23 February 2020

AWI 4th New York, 1777 (Saratoga)

This weekend I’ve completed the 4th New York Continental regiment for Saratoga (1777). Figures are a mix of Perry plastics and metals with a few Foundry figures for variety. 

The few uniforms are a mix of 1776 NY issues. Note that the often illustrated white uniform with red facings was not issued until 1778. 

The flag is hand painted as shown in my previous post because I couldn’t get what I wanted. I tried scanning and recolouring. This worked on screen but red inkjet ink runs really nastily if it gets damp so gluing the flag to the flagpole is best described as messy. In the end I just printed the flag in b&w and painted over the top of this. It took a couple of hours. 

Friday, 21 February 2020

More flag painting

I’ve painted another flag. I wanted one for my NY continentals but the ones from GMB all have a blue field. I thought a red one would add some variety, so I’ve painted myself one, based on a monochrome scan of a GMB original that now graces the 2nd NY. I’ll use the red one for the 4th. 

Flags are 35mm top to bottom, including fringe. 

Thursday, 20 February 2020

British Light Infantry for Saratoga (2)

I’ve finished painting and basing the second half of the British light infantry for Saratoga. As with the first unit these are Wargames Foundry figures with the gaiters filed down to look like leggings. 

Sunday, 9 February 2020

British Light Infantry for Saratoga (1)

After a slow couple of weeks I have finished the first wing of my British light infantry for the Saratoga campaign. This is the wing who fought at Hubbardton as well as in the two larger Saratoga battles. 

I have used Wargames Foundry figures; light infantry in helmets with horsehair plumes (5th Foot) but I have filed down their stockings and gaiters to look like overalls. A fair compromise to get the look I wanted. 

The small command base is intended to represent the LI commander in the Saratoga campaign, the Earl of Balcarres.