Sunday, 28 April 2019

Normandy 1944 (4)

Yet more photos 

Normandy 1944 (3)

More pictures

Normandy 1944 (2)

More pictures

Normandy 1944 project

While I’ve posted regularly on the Paintingshed Facebook page I’ve left the blog alone for nearly a year. For most of that time my main project has been 20mm WW2 for Normandy, having sold off my 15mm collection. 

I will be using these forces in a game at Partizan in Newark on the 19th of May. As these are now coming together I will use this and a few other blog posts to show how the collection looks. 

After Partizan I expect painting will drop off over the summer. It always does. In the Autumn I expect a return to the 28mm AWI stuff as the Saratoga British army could do with some attention.

For now though, an assortment of WW2 pictures: