Sunday, 19 May 2019

A couple of Partizan games

Just a few photos of games that caught my eye at the show. There were many games of really high quality, so this really is a very thin slice of what was on offer. 

Battle of Brooklyn:

Siege of Oosterbeck:

There were lots of people taking pictures so I expect the internet will soon be awash with Partizan goodness. 

Bloody Squad Leaders (2) at Partizan

We gave my rules a good try out at Partizan and they producede a fast and plausible game that we both enjoyed. We came up with ideas for a few minor tweaks to improve things and I’ll also add some more defined processes for off board mortars and light artillery. 

Here are some pictures of the game: 

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Game set up for Partizan

My game table is all set up and waiting for me. Hope to see lots of people at Partizan tomorrow. 

Sunday, 12 May 2019

US Recon with foliage

I’ve also added foliage to my US recon vehicles: M8 armoured cars and M5 light tanks. This is also the 4-ground stuff but “lush hues” this time. 

German armour with foliage

I’ve added some foliage camouflage to some of my German vehicles to help get that “Normandy” look. This is the summer foliage scrim from 4-ground that I picked up a while back in a North Star sale. Glued on with clear PVA and later sprayed with anti-shine varnish. 

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Bloody Squad Leaders

I’ve spent a long morning putting all of my WW2 rules experiments into a play sheet to use next week at Partizan. 

As my AWI rules are called “Bloodybacks”, I kept the theme going but tied it into my efforts to capture the feel of the old Squad Leader board game. So, “Bloody Squad Leaders” it is!

If you are coming to Partizan next week then do stop by for a chat as we battle through the Normandy bocage. 

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Building bocage (2)

To complete the process of building my bocage sections:

First I applied my usual figure basing mix and some static grass to the banks. This helps the bocage to match my other terrain and figure bases. I used clear PVA for this and it seems to work a little better than the usual white stuff. 

Next I used the same clear PVA to apply fine turf scatter to the hedges. To thicken this up I allowed the glue to soak into the first application of turf then sprinkled on some more. 

Lastly I applied more fine turf scatter to make the tree foliage. For this I sprayed the rubberised coco fibre forming the tree with matt varnish and sprinkled on various mixes of turf colours to create some variation.

Everything then got a spat all over with matt varnish to fix the materials in place. 

All done and ready for Partizan! See you a week on Sunday. 

Sunday, 5 May 2019

Building bocage (1)

I’ve been making extra bocage sections for my WW2 Normandy collection so thought I’d put up some step by step photos. This blog post covers the stages of building and painting. The next will deal with flocking and finishing. 

Firstly, armatures for the trees that are integral to bocage hedges. These are made by twisting 6 strands of wire. First they are bent in half to give 12 “branches” which are then twisted and bent in various ways. The loops left at the bottom are splayed out to make roots/base. 

Next the armatures are wrapped in masking tape. 

The trees are then hot glued to bases of thick card and banks built up with three layers of 5mm foamcore then covered in air drying DAS clay. The bases were painted with gloss spray paint before starting any assembly to limit warping. The use of DAS means some shrinkage in inevitable but it is still a useful material. 

When the clay has dried the banks are textured with PVA and chinchilla sand. 

Everything dries and is then sprayed dark brown

Foliage is then added using rubberised coco fibre to make the hedges and treetops. Another dark brown spray follows. 

Then a light spray of pale brown (“nutmeg”)

Then a final spray of sage green on the banks. 

About 10’ of bocage made. So far these have taken a couple of hours for wire twisting, about three hours of glue/clay work and four hours of gluing and spraying.