Saturday, 28 June 2014

Plodding along

Hi all

Just a quick post of reassurance. I am still here and still painting.
Life caught up with me over the last couple of weeks but I should finish off my latest AWI unit over the coming week, and get some photos up here on the blog.

I then plan to put on demonstration games (Hobkirk's Hill) at the Warlord Games open day in July and at The Other Partizan in the autumn.

In meantime, if you are interested, I have a few things up on ebay at the moment. Just a few old rulebooks and a small unit of four 40K Kasrkin. I might be digging out some other bits & bobs over the next few months to declutter the study.


Saturday, 7 June 2014

Battle shots

Just an excuse to get some of the newly painted stuff into some pictures:

Loyalist light dragoons

Here are those loyalist cavalry I mentioned.

The figures are the Perry 4th Continental Light Dragoons, but painted in a uniform more appropriate to loyalists in the south. They are one piece castings, apart from the right arms. I'm not yet convinced that this is vastly better than separate riders and horses but it does allow for a few more dynamic poses.

The chap on the black horse was undercoated black, the one on the grey horse in white and the other four were done with skeleton bone. All seem to match up now they are finished.

The bases aren't finished yet, but I'm already pleased with the rather smart appearance of this unit.
They will appear as the NY dragoons when I game Hobkirk's Hill.

New York Volunteers

New York Volunteers serving in the south. Report suggest either buff or blue facings; possibly they changed at some point. I have enough blue-faced loyalists so opted for buff for aesthetic reasons.

Figures are Perry plastic continentals with British hats. The flag is hand painted onto paper and the pole & finial are the plastic ones.

A part of the regiment served mounted as dragoons in the south under major Coffin. I have nearly finished these so photos soon. To make them multi purpose they have blue facings; assuming that they received new uniforms first.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Partizan in the Park - AWI Weitzell's Mill

Here are photos of my game from today's show. It was a re-run of the scenario I ran at Cannon in March and the battle is the subject of the Command Challenge I wrote for Miniature Wargames 374.

The result was a victory to the rebels as both sides were fairly cautious.

Partizan in the Park - assorted games

Some general shots of games at the show today:

Partizan in the Park - The Bunker

Shaun McLaughlin from The Bunker wargames holiday centre displayed his marvellous Shaun of the Dead game.

Partizan in the Park - Perry Twins' WW2 western desert

The Perry twins and friends put on this lovely demo with the British taking on the Axis forces in the western desert.