Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Busy, busy

Hi all. Still here, still painting away!

Slow progress on the figures front, but I have been cracking on with a few extra terrain boards in the garage. I don't need this for Wagram or Aspern-Essling but it is good to have some extra "generic" boards for other scenarios. I now have a big hill made from 2 boards in case I ever do Eckmuhl and I have another "S" shaped river board and a river junction board.

Now I hope to get back to the Austrian infantry!


Sunday, 12 October 2008

Proxy Austrians

Here is a base where nothig is quite as it appears. The skirmishing Grenz are British Napoleonic Riflemen, the formed Grenz are British Napoleonic line infantry and the landwehr are British AWI in campaign dress. This all adds-up to a base of Austrain light infantry ready to take its place in the advanced guard. The Grenz officer shouldn't really have a bicorne, but I have cut him a little slack and assumed it is his family's "lucky hat"

Next up, a base of line + landwehr and a base of jagers + chevauxlegers.


Wednesday, 8 October 2008

On the workbench

Hi all, thanks to the 30 or so chaps who have joined the yahoogroup to look at the rules, I hope you enjoy them. I have noticed a couple of inconsistencies so I'll put up a clarification next week.

Meanwhile, painting continues. I'm currently working on a few bases of Austrian advance guard-types. These are mixtures of regulars and landwehr or grenzers. I'm away at a conference over the weekend, so I expect I'll be putting up pictures of these next week. I've done some calculating on the back of an evelope and reckon I have to produce a further dozen or so bases of line & landwehr and about the same of line infantry alone. I'll also need s few more cavalry and artillery bases, but I hope to get most of the Austrian army finished by Christmas. I can generally paint one model batallion a night (24-30 figures) meaning I can finish one 60mm square base every 2 nights. Weekends are sometimes a bit more productive.

Baccus have also announced that work is about to commence on a new range of napoleonic British. I think this probably means that 2009 is taken care of!


Saturday, 4 October 2008

Rules Group


I am happy that my rules for napoleonic battles have now evolved to a stage where they are far enough removed from existing sets that I can share them.

To do this I have set up a yahoo group: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/paintingshed/
where I have uploaded the current word document. If anyone wants to join then please do so and I'll try to approve new members within 24 hours.

In the future I would like to develop the ideas further to produce similar rules for other periods.

The group will not replace the blog, it is just to act as a place to share and discuss the rules.