Sunday, 29 April 2018

Camden 1780 for Partizan 2018 (7)

3rd Maryland regiment, 1780. Just the 7th to go and the Continental Infantry for Camden are all finished. 

Camden 1780 for Partizan 2018 (6)

Progress continues in assembling the forces for Camden. Today I finished the 1st Maryland Continental Regiment, part of the 1st Maryland Brigade. Accompanying them is a detachment of the 5th Maryland; the rest of that regiment was not at Camden, but supporting Sumter’s Partizan militia. 

The 1st brigade were in reserve at Camden so are modelled as marching/advancing rather than the firing line poses I used for the 2nd brigade. Foundry figures with some Perry Miniatures command. Flag by GMB and bases by Warbases. 

At Partizan on May 20th I’ll be on table DG23. Brendan Morrissey will be helping with die rolling and soldier shuffling. Hope to see some of you there. It looks as if we again have a crop of excellent games lined up for the show so bring your cameras!

Monday, 23 April 2018

Camden 1780 for Partizan 2018 (5) 2nd Maryland Brigade

Painting, repainting and basing complete for this brigade. Perry and Foundry Miniatures, based by Warbases and flags by GMB. 

2nd Maryland Regiment. I’m not claiming that buff smallclothes are authentic, but I liked the look. 

4th Maryland Regiment:

6th Maryland Regiment:

I painted the 4th and 6th as a matched pair so that I can drop one command stand and field them as a single 25 figure unit. 

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Camden 1780 for Partizan 2018 (4)

This weekend I have begun to reconstruct my Maryland Continentals. 

I originally painted the two Maryland brigades who fought at Camden back in 2000/2001. I used all sorts of poses, mixing marching, standing and firing line in the same units. These really need an overhaul, which is now underway. 

Models have been de-based and assembled into new units of more compatible poses. The first brigade will be of marching and attacking figures, the second brigade of firing line and standing. 

Some figures are my originals with refreshed paintwork, others are newer castings added in to make up the numbers. It is a challenge matching up the two batches to get a fairly uniform appearance. 

Below are the figures for the 2nd Maryland (part of the 2nd brigade) some 20 figures strong. These will be joined by the 4th and 6th, each of 15 figures. Attached will be the Delaware regiment but I’ll use the 1776 version of those that I already have painted and ready to go. 

I have done the 2nd Maryland with buff waistcoats and  breeches. I like the look but other units will probably introduce white to at least some extent. Either way I think they’ll look smart enough. I’ve avoided using hunting shirt figures as I’d like to think the brigades were smartened up before heading south. 

Just a reminder that Partizan will be on the 20th May (Sunday) at the Newark Showground in Nottinghamshire. 

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Camden 1780 for Partizan 2018 (3)

A few small pieces done today. 

Some scatter terrain:

A militia/civilian (Perry rider on a Foundry horse)

Extra base for the 23rd Royal Welch Fusiliers (Foundry British Light Infantry figures)

...and a vignette featuring some spare figures left over from making the base above. 

Friday, 6 April 2018

Camden 1780 for Partizan 2018 (2)

Today I have been adding rubberised horsehair to the tree armatures I had constructed from florists’ wire

Each tree consists of 7-9 x 50cm lengths of wire bent roughly in half then twisted and arranged to make a trunk with roots and branches. Various types of tape were then wrapped around the wire structure before painting. 

These are intended to represent longleaf pines so have tall bare trunks with foliage then spreading from fairly horizontal branches higher up. 

The horsehair has been attached using a hot glue gun. 

The next step will be to spray paint in various browns and greys prior to flocking. 

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Camden 1780 for Partizan 2018 (1)

My preparation is now underway for Partizan on the 20th May at the Newark Showground in Nottinghamshire. 

I’ve been working on the layout for a while and have sort of committed myself to the following:

This represents a 12x4 foot table although on the day there will be a little more depth behind the American Rebels and a little more width to accommodate swamps on each flank. 

I have more or less all of the figures I need and the current iteration of the rules seems to be coping with the mix of different quality troops on show. 

What I need to finish now are my model longleaf pines to dot across the battlefield. I’ve made 24 armatures for these with twisted florist’s wire and different kinds of tape and am just awaiting some MDF bases before proceeding to the next stage. 

More updates as things progress. I’ll try to post here as well as on my paintingshed Facebook page.