Friday, 29 October 2010

Quick Update

Hi all

I have been on holiday this week so have been bust with the kids etc. I'm planning a run out of my 6mm Napoleonics at the club this week, while the Black Powder carries on in the garage.


Saturday, 16 October 2010

All Quiet on the AWI Front

Hi all, I'm still here. Painting has taken a back seat for s short while due to work and other projects. I'm still busy assembling ideas for using Black Powder and have actually been doing more gaming than painting for the last week or two. Makes a nice change!


Sunday, 3 October 2010

Lee's Legion - basing and painting

I had a number of kind comments about the Legion dragoons. To answer a couple of questions/points:

  1. The green on the jackets is Vallejo Black-green. This was painted on and then one batch had Army Painter strong tone and the other batch (and Harry Lee) had a thin wash of black-green + black. Highlights were more black-green followed by a mix of black-green and a little light brown.
  2. Basing is deceptively simple. The figures are glued to the base with PVA. The base is then painted chocolate brown. I then glue on patches of Noch (Gaugemaster) grass matting. Once dry I paint over the whole base with watered down PVA and dump on a load of mixed flock and fine railway modelling grit. Once this had also dried a stick on patches of static grass with more watered-down PVA. The trick with the flock is to get the right mix. My rough recipe includes:
  • fine brown flock
  • fine sand-coloured flock
  • fine green flock (just a little)
  • railway model grit
  • polyfilla powder

The addition of polyfilla powder to the mix does two things. Firstly it mixes with the thinned PVA to bind the whole thing together and secondly some of it remains around the edge of the base (being very light) and gives a similar impression to dry-brushing the base.

This basing method, which I have used for a number of years on 28mm figures is VERY quick and easy. It doesn't work well with smaller figures as even the finest flock tends to be too "grainy". As the basing material only goes where the watered PVA flows (rhyme unintended) it tends to be easier to get around horses' legs etc than using polyfilla and a spatula! It also doesn't give unsightly white patches if it chips.

Hope this helps someone out there!

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Lee's Legion - Dragoons finished

I have finished off the light dragoon figures for Lee's Legion. As with Lee himself I have opted for a uniform of green jackets with chocolate brown facings. The flag is one reputed to have been carried by the Legion. I am not 100% sure of its provenance bu have used in lieu of any more convincing information. Half of the fugures ar painted in my "normal" way with layers and washes, the other half were done using Army Painter as a mid-way step. I don't find a huge difference between the two finished effects other than the faces being less "pink" with the Army Paintered batch, and this will be down to the colour I used as the base.

The american foxhound has found his way onto Lee's command base, where he seems ti fit in nicely.

Next up are a unit of americans in hunting shirts which will have a Maryland 1776 vibe and a couple of bases of grenadiers to supplement those I already have (in full warrant uniform). I have figures on order to enable me to produce the foot element of Lee's legion and the grenadier company/companies for the Guards brigade in the south.