Thursday, 29 May 2014

Partizan in the Park - taking shape

The first two marquees are up with a third to be added between these two.
The flooring seems pretty flat and solid.

Let's hope the weather is dry and sunny.

See you on Sunday!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Scenario Article in MW 374

I've got myself into print again.
Henry has popped my latest Command Challenge submission into issue 374 of Miniature Wargames.

I have taken inspiration from an old Donald Featherstone piece and presented one scenario in three ways. The original battle is Weitzell's Mill, which I put on as a demo game at Cannon earlier in the year and will be reprising this Sunday at Partizan.

I look for ward to seeing some of you at the show in our temporary tented accommodation.

Safe journey to anyone travelling to the show.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Volunteers of Ireland and more

Here are the latest completed bits and bobs.

First is the Volunteers of Ireland. Lord Rawdon's provincial unit composed of Irish deserters from the rebel army. Notable actions include Camden and Hobkirk's Hill. These Perry figures painted up more easily than I expected, although painting the cap badges was a wee bit of a chore as it had to be done freehand and there are 30 of the blighters!

Here is a close-up of the flags. The design is conjectural but the harp seemed to fit the Irish theme. The harp, scrolls and lettering were painted freehand, the rest was printed and painted over.

 Next are a couple of bases of flankers (light infantry of grenadiers) from the 71st Foot. These can form part of composite battalions or be used to bulk out the regular battalions of the 71st.
Here is a close-up of one of the highlanders. The painting looks a bit rough on very close inspection but that is the nature of the beast. From regular distances things look OK. Please do note the slightly obsessive highlighting on the chequered hat band.

Lastly, the fully based light companies to form composite units and/or piquets for the British army in the southern colonies. Two bases of British regular light infantry and one base of provincials in natty helmets.

Now to press on with the NY Volunteers for Hobkirk's Hill...

Sunday, 18 May 2014

On the way...

Still beavering away.

Close to completion (painted and mainly based) are:

Volunteers of Ireland (30 figs)
71st Foot flankers (8 figs)

Next to paint are some more plastic continentals done as loyalists with floppy hats from the British box.
These will be the NY Volunteers (18 figures). Red coats with buff facings.

I have just ordered some Perry 4th dragoons to paint as loyalist NY dragoons and some militia to paint as Carolina loyalists. This should round off my Crown army for Hobkirk's Hill.

After that there is a decision. To build up towards Eutaw Springs or towards Gloucester Point & Yorktown? Eventually I'll do both anyway. Currently I'm leaning towards doing some French, so Yorktown would fit, but then again any excuse to paint the Buffs would be welcome, and Eutaw would round off Greene's southern battles.

Then again, finishing those 15mm Germans for CoC could be a plan too...

Don't forget I'll be gaming at Partizan in the Park on 1st June and at The Other Partizan in the autumn. I've also planned a game for the Warlord open day in July. All will be 28mm AWI games.