Sunday, 29 April 2007

Crusaders II

More crusaders finished today and the first unit is already half-way done. I'm dead chuffed with these as they are that happy coincidence of nice sculpts and a colour scheme that brings out the detail but remains subtle. I think this is because the colours are quite washed-out. It will be interesting to see if I can get a similar effect when I get round to Templars or Hospitillars.
I experimented with making the pennants out of wet-wipes (don't ask). This works well if you want a really rough, woollen looking effect. I quite like it, but it is a bit of a bind to paint on. It does give a nice textural contrast to the rest of the figures though, and the folding/flapping looks quite realistic. Another advantage (?) is that being slightly wet, if you use superglue to fix them, it sets almost instantly - need to watch those fingers though!
Off to undercoat the next batch now.

Saturday, 28 April 2007

Kicking off the Crusades

Got home from work last night to find my "special" order from Gripping Beast had arrived. Wasting no time, I returned the Caesarians to the back-burner for the evening to get a couple of crusaders done. The colour scheme is unashamedly "Kingdom of Heaven", which is no surprise as the DVD forms my principal source of reference at the moment.

These are fantastic figures - the Military Order Knights unit pack, with a great variety of barded horses. I'm looking forward to completing the 10 further figures that will complete the unit. As with the Caesarians, the bases will be finished off at a later date. I'm particularly pleased with the way the jewelled hilt of the leader's sword has turned out. Painting that Eldar army a few years back certainly paid off!

For those that like to know:

The pale parts of the clour scheme are GW Graveyard Earth, progressively lightened with Anita's Acrylics Sand.
The reddish colour is Anita's Bunt Sienna (although GW Dark flesh is similar), progressively lightened with Anita's coffee and sand
The knights cloaks are painted with greyas and whites as a bit of a contrast
The armour is drybrushed silver over black, then washed with a glaze of PVA + black paint + dark blue paint, then re-highlighted with silver once dry.

...and painting parded horses is a LOT more fun than unbarded ones!

right, off to undercoat the next batch!

Friday, 27 April 2007


So, now Salute is out of the way it is on to the next projects. At Salute I picked up the new "Crusader" ancient rules and these look very good. I have started to get my Caesarian Romans sorted out to give the rules a go. I have finished off two units of legionaries, one of which is pictured here, rebased my general and his staff and I have just painted up a new centurion over the last few evenings. The trickiest thing has been painting new figures with the same shield design as the ones I did a couple of years age. Luckily it was a design I was pretty happy painting so it all seems to be coming together.

I have primed and started anough figures for a third unit of 24 infantry. I already have a unit of 8 gallic cavalry and a few numidian bits and bobs so there will be enough for a small wargames army within a month or so, depending on distractions. Once this force is assembled, I'll finish off the bases.

For anyone interested, the WW1 demo game will be appearing at Partizan next month.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

More Salute pics

More photos of the game at Salute 07, courtesy of Darren Leigh-Smith. Pictures show the gurkha advance that ended in the ignomony of too many "1"s rolled on the dice, the turkish central defence and a close-up of one of the turkish guns.

Monday, 23 April 2007

We survived Salute 07!

Salute 2007 is over, it is official, it says so on the warlords' website ( and all in all I enjoyed the show very much despite the lack of sleep beforehand, and I'll not mention the nazi re-enactors who have featured heavily on the TMP coverage of the show.
Last years show suffered from the "new venue" problems that came with the move to Excel, although these were much less severe than the first year at Olympia. This year seemed to run that bit more smoothly from my viewpoint as a demo gamer.

Trade seemed brisk, although I didn't buy too much myself, and it was good to catch up with some old faces.

The Newark Irregulars game this year was my Back of Beyond/WW1 spread. It seemed to go down well. We had lots of nice comments and people seemed to be snapping piccies all day long. There were some absolutely spectacular games on show, but I think we held our own, despite central asia not really being a subject for "spectacular" wargames scenery! Here is most of the layout as we started the game:

The scenery was constructed on eight 4'x3' board constructed from MDF sheet with a wooden frame. This gives fairly lightweight boards which will stack on top of each other for storage despite hacing hills sculpted on with polysturene and papier mache.

The scenario was a fictional one set in late 1918. A Turkish invasion of Transcaspia is underway, forcing the bolsheviks and british into an alliance of necessity to defeat them. This is a thinly veiled excuse for me to get all my BoB-type stuff onto the table.

The rules were a trimmed down variant of "Red Actions" from the perfect captain website: .

Here are a few more pics of the game and the troops used: