Friday, 29 June 2012

Pompey the Great

It has been quiet in the shed of late. Not to fear, I am still painting away. The current project is Carsarian Romans. Here is a WIP shot of a command stand that I will use for the pompeian faction in the civil war. Basing still needs finishing but overall it has come out well. The painting is a mix of the Army Painter "dip" and some highlighting and GW washes. The shields are, as always, freehand.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Reorganising the man-cave

Busy day today rearranging and tidying the study. Everything is now more accessible including all my military history, wargaming and Doctor Who books, and I can actually see what I have on the painting desk! The desktop PC has gone as it was on its last legs and frankly was not much use. All I will add now is a speaker dock for my iPhone.

All about ready to paint some more Romans now.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Battle in the woods (4)

The battle drew to an obvious conclusion within few more turns. Victory awarded to the crown due to the losses suffered by the rebels. I staged a quick repeat and honours were more even. The British light battalion fought hard but were worn down by determined rebel skirmishing and limited cavalry charges. The arrival of the 23rd and von Bose prompted a rebel skedaddle to the river. Targeting turned up late and despite some aggressive charges by the 17thLD and Legion he was unable to cut off the retreat. Honours even with a slight edge to the rebels I think. If only tartlet on had arrived on time (3 failed order rolls) or the 23rd had advanced faster! They each got to the river only to see the last rebel rearguards making it over the bridges.

Might try a slightly less sylvan scenario next.

Battle in the woods (3)

The battle continues and has now reached turn 15. The crown forces have been reinforced by the von Bose regiment and have formed a line which is now pushing forward. The rebels have taken losses but a militia brigade has arrived to defend the river crossings. In the woods the rebel cavalry are attempting to hold back the fusiliers to give the militia time to prepare...

Rules notes for woods: max visibility 6". Targets not clear. No charge bonus for cavalry. +1 morale save. All movement at half-pace unless skirmishing. Cavalry can therefore charge and melee in woods but must be within 6" to launch a charge and hit on 4+ in most cases.

Still unsure whether chargers should get the morale bonus for woods on the turn in which they charge!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Battle in the woods (2)

Up to turn 5 now. The crown forces have been reinforced by Jagers and the 23rd Royal Welch Fusiliers, the rebels by more light companies hastening south of the river. On the eastern flank Tarleton has sent his cavalry to probe the militia by the mill.

Battle in the woods (1)

Hi all. Work has been busy but the long bank holiday weekend gives me a chance to catch up. Partizan was last week and was a great show as the many photos around the web show. On the Saturday before the show I put on an AWI game using Black Powder for Guy, Jasper and Christy from WSS as well as chum Phil Hendry of Avgvstvs to Avrelian fame. This used my small battle approach of units being 3 cavalry or 6 infantry figures and went well for an approximate refight of Hanging Rock.

Today I rearranged the terrain and armies, basing the scenario very loosely on the action at New Garden just prior to Guilford Courthouse. Iva added some pictures of the first turn with British light companies pushing into a line of rebel light cavalry in the woods.