Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Salute 2015

The application form for the 2015 demo game has gone off to the Warlords....

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Warlord Games Day - Perry Twins Napoleonic Game

The Perry Twins ran an awesome napoleonic game at WGD.
It featured a French army making a fighting withdrawal before an Austro-Neapolitan army while also being threatened in the flank by an Anglo-Sicilian force...

As before, lighting was rubbish so photos are the best I could do...

Warlord Games Day - Battle of Hobkirk's Hill game

It was Warlord Games open day in Nottingham yesterday.
I ran a Black Powder scenario based on the AWI battle of Hobkirk's Hill which Laurence and I managed to get through three times.

The venue was not great for photography as it was quite dark, but I have done the best I can with the shots I took.

The scenario proved to be more even than I expected and I will write it up for the Warlord website as a sort of bonus addition to the Rebellion! supplement.

The rebel defensive line atop Hobkirk's Hill:
 The Crown forces move forward:

 The rebel left flank under threat from the 63rd Foot:
 The militia sort of supporting the Maryland line:
 The rebel right flank swings around the threaten the crown army:
 1st Maryland, exhausted and brittle:
 Crown centre, Vols of Ireland, SC Royalists and RA 6 pound section:

 Rawdon encourages his right flank to attack

Saturday, 12 July 2014

AWI Command base

Here is a command base I have put together from a few figures left lying around from some rebasing I did a while ago. Initially the plan was to put the base up on Ebay, but it turned out rather nicely so I'm not sure whether to keep it instead.

All are Foundry figures from the AWI range: Mounted officer is George Washington from the generals pack, foot officer from the Continental infantry command pack and drummer from the infantry command pack.
Base is 60mm round from Warbases.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Look what you can pre-order now!

Hi all

On the Warlord website from today, you can pre-order this shiny tome full of AWI loveliness.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

South Carolina Royalists and NY Dragoons

My latest units are all painted and based.

The South Carolina Royalists were a loyalist infantry unit that later took to horseback.
These are all Perry figures from various packs, including militia in shirtsleeves and uniformed militia. The command figures are the pack in cut-down coats and the officer is a plastic figure.
Flags are conjectural and hand-painted, with finials from Front Rank.The photo has blurred the tassels on the King's colour, they look a little better "in the flesh".

 And here are the NY Dragoons I posted about a while ago. These are the Perry figures from the 4th Continental Light Dragoon packs, painted as loyalists. I believe these were a part of the New York Volunteers. I painted the infantry with buff facings but the cavalry with the blue facings that the unit may have adopted as the war progressed. I reasoned that the horsemen would be a bit dandier so I could justify them acquiring new uniforms before the foot-sloggers. The cavalry were commanded by Major Coffin and I presume are the same mounted unit as seen later on at Eutaw Springs.

Bases are MDF ones from Warbases, pre-cut with rounded corners. infantry on 60mm x 50mm, cavalry on 60mm x 60mm. The bases are finished with my usual dry mix of grave + grit/sand/powdered filler, then torn up scenic matting, clump foliage and static grass.


Thursday, 3 July 2014


Those of you who subscribe to Wargames Soldiers and Strategy may have noticed the following tucked away in the Warlord advert on the last page:

Yes, a Black Powder supplement covering the AWI (or American Rebellion) will soon be available from Warlord Games...and it was written by yours truly who is quite excited about seeing the project seeing the light of day.

Stuff for sale

As mentioned briefly the other day I have few items up on ebay:

Some Imperial Guard Kasrkin

 Space Marine versions of Sharpe, Harper and Harris:

 An Eldar Farseer
 3rd Edition 40K rulebook
My old camera, now honourably retired and replaced by a newer model. Still in perfect working order apart from the timed shutter release function. Starting at 99p
 GW Great War rulebook
 Warmaster rulebook
 Warmaster Ancients rulebook

 Imperial Guard Codex (3rd edition, 2nd codex)
You can find my items under the "Irregulars 2011" username.
(PayPal and UK bidders only)

WSS Grand Wargaming Survey

Hi all

Chums Jasper and Guy at WSS are running a big survey into wargamers' interests. 
If you have a few minutes why not add your opinions to the data!

Here is the marketing spiel:

The people at WSS magazine are a very curious bunch (yes, probably probably in more senses of the word, but that doesn't matter now). Mostly, we are curious about this hobby and the people in it. There is always much debate about the health of the hobby, the age of the average wargamer, which scale or size of miniature is better and endless other questions. Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, being a team of intrepid people, decided to solve at least some of these debates by way of the Great Wargaming Survey. And YOU are cordially invited to take part.
Joking aside, this won't take long (5-10 minutes), it's entirely anonymous, it's nothing every attempted on this scale and best of all, you'll have a chance at winning some great prizes (such as the books from Casemate and Osprey, the SAGA Great Hall from 4Ground, and a 1000 point British Airborne Bolt Action army). What's not to like? Just click here and spend a few happy minutes contemplating your favorite pastime.
We'd really appreciate your input, and we’re accepting responses until July 31st, 2014!