Saturday, 30 April 2016

My Wargaming Week, 30th April 2016

Four months into 2016 and I'm nearing the end of the current batch of Hessians.

One company of grenadiers is painted up for the Linsing battalion:

With a second ready for highlights:

And two more ready for their ink wash after an intensive painting session this morning:

I have also done a test figure for a possible replacement unit for my British Legion infantry. A Perry plastic British infantry figure with a cap from the continental box:

Construction on my analogue of the Chew house continues. I finished off the basics:

Then smoothed things off with air-dry clay (inspired by an article in WSS), followed by a session with the Dremel before a first coat of primer:

I think it is really starting to take shape!

And only about 3 weeks until Partizan...

Saturday, 23 April 2016

My Wargaming Week, 24th April 2016

Hello one and all.

The painting had not zipped along this week but I have just finished off the grenadier battalion that I blogged about last week. These have been poshed-up by painting black gaiters over the sculpted overalls.

Yesterday I spruced-up and rebased the infantry component of Pulaski's Legion. These were originally converted and painted 15 years ago. I think they still hold up pretty well even if the greenstuff helmets are a wee bit rough and ready.

The six figures can deploy as skirmishers...

...or they can form up:

Lastly I have begun rebasing the light dragoons of Pulaski's Legion. I haven't really done much repainting to these, just highlighted the red areas and redone the saddlebags. As you can see my techniques might have changed but overall the figures from 15 years ago look pretty similar to the ones painted this week.

The painting has been slowed by some experiments with architecture.

I have wanted a model to act as the Chew House at Germantown for a while. There is currently nothing commercially available for my 28mm chaps to fight over, and if there was it would be a very big model. What I need is something of a more manageable size, that I can place troops in and is recognisably in the style of the original.

The Chew House looks like this:

I came across this Police House on the warbases site for a reasonable price:

With some botching and blundering so far it looks like this:

There is no rush for completion as I'm not planning a Germantown game just yet and still need to finish a few more figures for Partizan. I'll just keep tinkering away and post updates. The next headache is making suitable chimneys.


Sunday, 17 April 2016

Grenadier WIP

This weekend I have made progress on the Hessian 2nd grenadier battalion. Each company of the battalion is proceeding at its own rate.

First we have the grenadiers of the Donop regiment. Fully painted and fixed to their base:

Next are grenadiers from the von Bose regiment. These have been block painted and washed with strong tone ink:

Then the grenadiers of the Prinz Karl regiment. These are part way through being block painted:

Lastly the grenadiers from the Wutginau Regiment. These are close to the start of the process:

The latter's temporary card bases are triangular to remind me which castings have no lapels (the ones marketed as Rall grenadiers)

Hopefully the unit will be finished in time for next weekend's blog post.

Friday, 15 April 2016

My Wargaming Week, 15th April 2016

An early report this week as I am yet again on call this weekend. Not too much to report on the painting front. I have under coated a battalion of Hessian grenadiers and might start on them tonight. There's an extra base worth of figures to get me started on a third battalion too.

This week has been more about the gaming. I drafted up play sheets for the current development version of my AWI rules and last night I was joined in the garage for a playtesting session by James and Matt.

The game was a distant relation to the battle of Bound Brook, but with changes to terrain and forces.

Essentially the rebels had a little fort whose guns prevented the Crown using a major road for supply purposes:

The fort was garrisoned and supported by a brigade of infantry:

And some skirmishers, including a small unit of riflemen:

The British had an elite force split into two brigades. In the front were a battalion of grenadiers and two of light infantry. Behind these were two battalions of guards supported by mounted and dismounted 16th light dragoons.

The game seemed successful. The chaps picked up the rules and made some helpful suggestions. The British eventually overran the fort but it was by no means a walkover.

The rules do some things really well such as encouraging the use of fresh reserves to maintain the impetus of an attack. I'll do some more devopment on these in the build up to Partizan.

Safe journey to anyone going to Salute. Have a good day there and take lots of pictures for those of us who are missing out.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

My Wargaming Week, 10th April 2016

I have quite a few photos today.

Below are some mounted members of the 16th Light Dragoons. I painted and based these after a trip on Thursday to the lancers'  museum at Thoresby. A lovely little museum, worth an hour or so stop-off. The cakes in the cafe next door are also very good.

Next are some Hessian mounted jagers. These are improvised as no one makes the actual figures in 28mm as far as I know. I used Saxon Dragoons from Eureka's SYW range. Not a cheap way of doing things but you only need a few.

While I was in the jager groove I also knocked up this command stand using some Foundry figures, sculpted by Mark Copplestone.

I even managed some gaming, mostly to test the latest iteration of my rules. First was a battle based on the White Plains scenario for British Grenadier.

As with previous attempts, this is a bit of a walk over for the Crown, even without fielding the 12lb cannons. Even if the Crown makes some mistakes the rebels don't have the resources to exploit it.

So I have moved on to the scenario for Haarlem Heights, where things seem more interesting. I've only played four turns so far...

Next week I will make a start on another battalion of Hessian grenadiers.

The British suffered a major loss when I completed Haarlem Heights. The 2nd light infantry routed, the 3rd light infantry fell back on the highlands and Hessian but was tempted into a counterattack that started well but ended badly. Finally one and then the second battalion of highlands were also routed. Hopefully the Hessian escaped.
Oh, and the 3-pounder section was also destroyed!

In return, the rebels did lose four battalions of infantry but this didn't stop the celebrations.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Mid week update. 6th April 2016

Hi all.

As I mentioned last time, I was hoping to finish the 3rd NJ regiment and here they are:

The drab coats of the tank and file were painted with Vallejo U.S. field drab.

I also started and finished the 9th PA regiment. These are mostly Perry plastics. All went well until they nearly melted in a warm oven where I was drying the bases. Only a couple of degrees too high but some of the muskets have bent a little. The remedial work took a while.

The chap in the cocked hat below is a standard plastic private with an arm from the command sprue:

The figure in front below is also a standard infantryman, with a spare arm from the metal 2nd LD command blister where I have converted the carbine in the hand into a musket using a spare plastic one.

I gave this unit a fairly simple standard held by a foundry metal figure with Front Rank finnial and cords:

The fifer is a foundry metal figure, but I filed off his cocked hat and replaced it with a plastic cap. The officer is the freebie from Warlord that came with the Rebellion! book.

 I'm still a bit annoyed about the flexi-muskets but that is what comes of rushing things.

Next up are the 16th LD for the British and a small special project - mounted jagers!