Saturday, 2 April 2016

My Wargaming Week, 2nd April 2016

Just a quick post today. What with the long Easter weekend and being on call this weekend, progress has been a slightly slowed.

I have completed the command stand below that will allow me to split my existing 5-stand unit of brown coated/faced red continentals as two units each of 3-stands:

The flag was hand painted using washes and thinned paint.

Next is a test figure for the 3rd NJ regiment. These switched, I understand, from drab faced blue coats to blue faced red sometime between June 1777 and the Philadelphia campaign so I am fielding the rank and file on the old uniforms but putting the officers and NCOs in the new ones.

The rest of the unit has been painted and washed in my usual way. They are now awaiting some highlights.

I'm off work next week so hopefully I'll post something mid-week for a change.

The forces are now coming together for my game at Partizan. I need to paint up some mounted 16th LD and hope to get some more hessian grenadiers done - one more battalion for sure but I'd prefer to get two painted this month. After that will possibly be some more continentals - brown faced red in caps and brown faced white.

After Partizan I might then paint up a brigade of British infantry. I need some in buff facings to act as the 3rd foot for my later southern battles, but also to make up the 1777 2nd brigade which had three buff faced regiments and one in yellow.

These plans might change of course, but these are my current thoughts. In 2017 I'd like to concentrate on some AWI French and make them the project for the year. At some point I might also start on some specific British and loyalist units for Saratoga.



Neil Scott said...

Excellent command stand

Neil said...

Fantastic as always with a really great flag.

Phil said...

Great looking minis and flag!

Giles said...

Great stuff, Steve! Excellent "drab" - definitely one of the trickier Continental uniforms to get right, I think.


Steve said...

Thanks all. It has been good to expand the rebel forces in the last few weeks.

Paul Scrivens-Smith said...

Lovely work, as usual.