Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Mid week update. 6th April 2016

Hi all.

As I mentioned last time, I was hoping to finish the 3rd NJ regiment and here they are:

The drab coats of the tank and file were painted with Vallejo U.S. field drab.

I also started and finished the 9th PA regiment. These are mostly Perry plastics. All went well until they nearly melted in a warm oven where I was drying the bases. Only a couple of degrees too high but some of the muskets have bent a little. The remedial work took a while.

The chap in the cocked hat below is a standard plastic private with an arm from the command sprue:

The figure in front below is also a standard infantryman, with a spare arm from the metal 2nd LD command blister where I have converted the carbine in the hand into a musket using a spare plastic one.

I gave this unit a fairly simple standard held by a foundry metal figure with Front Rank finnial and cords:

The fifer is a foundry metal figure, but I filed off his cocked hat and replaced it with a plastic cap. The officer is the freebie from Warlord that came with the Rebellion! book.

 I'm still a bit annoyed about the flexi-muskets but that is what comes of rushing things.

Next up are the 16th LD for the British and a small special project - mounted jagers!



Ian said...

These look great, your mix of base colours and vibrant colours really make these stand out


Neil Scott said...

They look great

Phil said...

Great job, splendid details on the clothes and faces...

Stephen said...

Inspiring stuff!

Rodger said...

Very very nice indeed!

maciek said...

Great looking units !