Saturday, 30 April 2016

My Wargaming Week, 30th April 2016

Four months into 2016 and I'm nearing the end of the current batch of Hessians.

One company of grenadiers is painted up for the Linsing battalion:

With a second ready for highlights:

And two more ready for their ink wash after an intensive painting session this morning:

I have also done a test figure for a possible replacement unit for my British Legion infantry. A Perry plastic British infantry figure with a cap from the continental box:

Construction on my analogue of the Chew house continues. I finished off the basics:

Then smoothed things off with air-dry clay (inspired by an article in WSS), followed by a session with the Dremel before a first coat of primer:

I think it is really starting to take shape!

And only about 3 weeks until Partizan...


Neil Scott said...

Excellent progress

Dalauppror said...

Very nice! Impressed by your house!

painterman said...

Wonderful texturing on the Chew house model - really impressive!

Rodger said...

Looking very good!

Neil said...

The grenadiers are awesome.

Monty said...

Great stuff!