Friday, 15 April 2016

My Wargaming Week, 15th April 2016

An early report this week as I am yet again on call this weekend. Not too much to report on the painting front. I have under coated a battalion of Hessian grenadiers and might start on them tonight. There's an extra base worth of figures to get me started on a third battalion too.

This week has been more about the gaming. I drafted up play sheets for the current development version of my AWI rules and last night I was joined in the garage for a playtesting session by James and Matt.

The game was a distant relation to the battle of Bound Brook, but with changes to terrain and forces.

Essentially the rebels had a little fort whose guns prevented the Crown using a major road for supply purposes:

The fort was garrisoned and supported by a brigade of infantry:

And some skirmishers, including a small unit of riflemen:

The British had an elite force split into two brigades. In the front were a battalion of grenadiers and two of light infantry. Behind these were two battalions of guards supported by mounted and dismounted 16th light dragoons.

The game seemed successful. The chaps picked up the rules and made some helpful suggestions. The British eventually overran the fort but it was by no means a walkover.

The rules do some things really well such as encouraging the use of fresh reserves to maintain the impetus of an attack. I'll do some more devopment on these in the build up to Partizan.

Safe journey to anyone going to Salute. Have a good day there and take lots of pictures for those of us who are missing out.


warpaintjj said...

Wow, James Morris, he won't remember me at all but say hi from me, Jeremy Jenkins.
We shared a joint best painted prize at WAB comp decades ago, he with Spanish, me with Arabs. We collaborated briefly when he helped me with writing the WAB Crusades supplement, never published by GW Historical, wankers!
Good looking game by the way, pretty scenery and toys, right up my street.
Best wishes,

Steve63 said...

Great figures and a fantastic looking game

CelticCurmudgeon said...

Exceptional look to the game. Would the result have been any different if you had chosen to go with a battalion of loyalists and two battalions of "hatmen" regulars instead of an elite brigade of Guards?