Sunday, 27 April 2014

Light Infantry


I managed to get a fair amount of painting done yesterday and finished the basing on the loyalist unit from my previous blog entry.

Today I have been finishing off some light infantry to use in composite battalions.

Here are the figures for the light company of a yellow faced regiment. This could be the 16th at Camden and Cowpens or the 30th at Eutaw Springs.

The second group are more hypothetical. The loyalist Prince of Wales Volunteers provided a light company as part of the light battalion at Camden and possibly Cowpens. As I had a few left over Lees Legion figures I have used them with the justification that some loyalist units followed the fashions of the day. In this case perhaps adopting the tarleton's helmets of the 16th LD. I claim no actual historical accuracy, but they do look rather nice :-)
Next up are finishing touches to two light companies of the 71st Highlanders.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

NY Loyalists

I have been painting some of those new Perry plastic continentals but have used the first ones as loyalists.

The basing needs finishing off but the unit is taking shape.

These are painted to represent a unit of New York loyalists serving in the south, such as the NY volunteers or the Royal Americans, both of which were present at Hobkirk's Hill. I think may use this battle as the subject of my demo game at The Other Partizan in the autumn (Weitzell's Mill in June).

As such units were raised by wealthy individuals I have used the British command sprue for the officers and NCOs with fancy gold lace, etc, but the rank and file are continental figures. All have floppy hats from the British sprues apart from the officers in cocked hats.

As with my other plastic units I find they don't "come to life" until the final highlights go on; but the finished effect is very nice. This is my current "usual" technique of block paint/wash/highlight.

Next up are some metal figures to paint up as light infantry/convalescents. I've also started some test figures for the North Carolina continentals at Eutaw Springs.

Have a good weekend!

Friday, 18 April 2014

Courthouse revamp

I now have further information on the appearance of the Mecklenburg County Courthouse in 1780-81. My model had the door in the wrong place. Fortunately I had anticipated this and stuck the door over the top of a window. This has been prised off and I have inserted a new set of doors at the end of the building. These doors were pinched from a model chapel I picked up for a few pence at a car boot sale. All this needs is a new paint job and a new set of stairs scratch building.

I have also taken advantage of the newly cleared garage to set out my British for Guilford Courthouse to check a 6' wide board will be OK. It will, just about. I'm reluctant to reduce the size of the units and I think there is enough flank room to keep things working. There's plenty of time to play around with the fine tuning anyway.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Work, work, work...

For someone on holiday I seem to have been working hard.

We removed a rather rampant honeysuckle from the garden earlier in the week, along with its trellis. Today was the day to take all of the shredded greenery to the tip. We also cleared out the garage so finally (for the first time since at least Christmas) I can get around my gaming table!

I also managed to sort out my paint, glues, terrain materials etc ready for the summer.

All of this means I can now arrange some games at home, which seems the most practical way of getting something done, given that when I'm at work I leave the house at about 6.30 am and don't get back for about 12 hours. This does not leave a lot of time or energy for games at the club. This way the set-up can be done previously and the clean-up whenever I get the chance, so game night will all be about the game.

Right, off to paint some New York loyalists...

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Trouble at t'mill

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Latest stuff

Here is a picture featuring a better image of some of the more recently painted stuff.

The line of defenders consists of the militia and militia rifles I completed for the Weitzell's Mill demo which I will roll out again in June at Partizan. These are Perry figures from a variety of packs.

The first line of attackers are the 33rd Foot, composed of Perry plastic figures.
The second line are a Guards battalion and Guards grenadiers, encouraged by Lt. Col. Webster of the 33rd.
In the distance are the Guard lights.

Salute 2014 - Other Stuff

Just random shots of things that caught my eye on games around the show:

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Horse holder photos

Some slightly better shots of my AWI horseholder bases that I made the other day:

Figure are by Perry from the dragrope men and camp site sets
Horse are by Front Rank (and from the WSS range so a bit old-fashioned for the AWI)
Hitching rail made of sticks and florists' wire
Bases from Warbases

Salute 2014 - my haul

Here is my haul of stuff from Salute.
No mad impulse buys this year, just steady building of the AWI collection:

Guilford Courthouse from Grand Manner

 George Washington from the Perry brothers, free with 3 boxes of plastic continentals
 Some British in roundabouts to use as part of the battalion of invalids for Hobkirk's Hill, and maybe update my British Legion infantry
 3 boxes of continentals (it kinda felt like £60 for Geroge Washington with 3 boxes free)
 Grass matting to rip up. Much cheaper than tufts
I also bought the new Perry book from Atlantic publishers. Veeeery nice.