Thursday, 17 April 2014

Work, work, work...

For someone on holiday I seem to have been working hard.

We removed a rather rampant honeysuckle from the garden earlier in the week, along with its trellis. Today was the day to take all of the shredded greenery to the tip. We also cleared out the garage so finally (for the first time since at least Christmas) I can get around my gaming table!

I also managed to sort out my paint, glues, terrain materials etc ready for the summer.

All of this means I can now arrange some games at home, which seems the most practical way of getting something done, given that when I'm at work I leave the house at about 6.30 am and don't get back for about 12 hours. This does not leave a lot of time or energy for games at the club. This way the set-up can be done previously and the clean-up whenever I get the chance, so game night will all be about the game.

Right, off to paint some New York loyalists...

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Solo wargaming-on a budget! said...

Good luck with the games and the hobby time. It is pants when real life limits the important stuff.