Friday, 18 April 2014

Courthouse revamp

I now have further information on the appearance of the Mecklenburg County Courthouse in 1780-81. My model had the door in the wrong place. Fortunately I had anticipated this and stuck the door over the top of a window. This has been prised off and I have inserted a new set of doors at the end of the building. These doors were pinched from a model chapel I picked up for a few pence at a car boot sale. All this needs is a new paint job and a new set of stairs scratch building.

I have also taken advantage of the newly cleared garage to set out my British for Guilford Courthouse to check a 6' wide board will be OK. It will, just about. I'm reluctant to reduce the size of the units and I think there is enough flank room to keep things working. There's plenty of time to play around with the fine tuning anyway.

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