Sunday, 13 April 2014

Horse holder photos

Some slightly better shots of my AWI horseholder bases that I made the other day:

Figure are by Perry from the dragrope men and camp site sets
Horse are by Front Rank (and from the WSS range so a bit old-fashioned for the AWI)
Hitching rail made of sticks and florists' wire
Bases from Warbases


DeanM said...

Very nice vignette. I see from your previous post you picked up that new book by the Perrys - I'm looking forward to seeing it here on our side of the pond.

Phil said...

Excellent work with this vignette, love it!

Dalauppror said...

Looking realy good !

Neil said...

Great job.

Giles said...

A terrific vignette, Steve - very imaginative.

Best wishes


PS - loved the game at Salute. Easily one of the highlights

Steve said...

Thanks everyone.
Glad you enjoyed the Keren game Giles. It is Guilford CH next year!