Saturday, 28 May 2016

My Wargaming Week, 28th May 2016

Busy week at work this week but I have ground along with my first figures for the 3rd Foot "The Buffs". I'm building the regiment at around a 1:10 ratio for Eutaw Springs so am painting enough for two "wings" of 15 figures plus a command stand. These can also serve as buff faced regiments at 1:20 ratio for larger battles.

Figures are Perry plastics painted with my usual base coat, ink wash, highlight method.

I also played a game to test my rules. The scenario was Hannah's Cowpens. The game took only an hour to achieve a historical-ish result. The militia got a bit chewed up but almost all of the crown cavalry routed as did the light infantry. The 7th foot got captured and in the end the 71st found themselves fighting on their own.

Monday, 23 May 2016

My Wargaming Week, Partizan MMXVI

Hi all.

A slightly belated blog post, but it has been a busy and enjoyable weekend as Partizan settled into its new venue at the Newark Showground. Saturday saw our small team setting up all of the tables, followed by a slap-up feed at Mrs Miggins's Pie Shoppe and Tandoori Curry House. It was then en early start to be at the show for a 7AM start, get everything sorted including my own game, play the game, chat to people, spend all of my cash, pack up and then meet with friends afterwards for a few beers. Lovely!

So, on to the show. I feel the new venue worked really well. Much better than the last few years at Kelham Hall and we seemed to have plenty of people attending. The show also stayed busy right up to 3 prm or so rather than going quiet after lunchtime. The afternoon did not drag at all and it was a surprise when Tom Webster-Deakin informed me it was 4PM and we could all start to pack up.
There was plenty of light, which made photography much, much, much easier than at Kelham. Coupled with the superb standards of games there should be some wonderful images from the show appearing on the 'net.

My game worked well and we played to a result. The scenario will soon be appearing in WSS but in the meantime here are some photos:

Also at the show were many great games. Below is a small selection of those I managed to photograph in my brief escapes from my table:

Dave Imrie's Carlist War game using Sharp Practice 2:

Hendry and Miller with their 3rd Century Romans vs Sassanid's game (To the Strongest rules)

Perry Twins: Vichy French vs Commonwealth:

A fun game using soldiers made from dolly-pegs:

Andy H's participation game using the new "Men who Would be Kings" rules by chum Dan Mersey.

And saving the best for last:
James Morris's superb Fort Vaux game won the Macfarlane Shield for being the best game at the show. An award featuring votes from the editors of the leading wargames magazines in the UK, and very, very well deserved. Who would have thought that you could take the fighting at Verdun, focus on the even more miserable fighting underground and make such an interesting, challenging and educational game out of it? Genuinely original.

But a bit mad.

Back to reality now. I had booked to day off so I can recover from the weekend and recharge my batteries as I'm on call all of next weekend and Bank Holiday Monday. The car is unpacked and I can think about some projects.

I think they are roughly:
Immediate/near future:

  • Finish off the OOB for the Crown at Eutaw Springs
  • Build some modular redoubts
  • Repair some of my trees

Next year:

  • Prepare demonstration game of either Eutaw Springs or Germantown (or maybe both)
  • Begin AWI French!
I'll have to begin planning next year's commitments in the next month or two as workplace rotas need to be sorted, holidays booked, and so on. After the disappointment around Salute this year I'm not minded to factor that into my 2017 plans and am more likely to concentrate on Cannon in Retford and the two Partizans (August always being a bit uncertain) - and support the local wargames community. The social side of this weekend has been great, so doing that for each show also seems like a good idea.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

My Wargaming Week, 15th May 2016

This week has been full of scenario preparation for Partizan next weekend so there isn't too much to show.

I do need some 12-pounder cannon for next week so finally expanded the artillery park:

First is the Foundry 24-pounder that I bought back around 2000 and finally assembled and painted:

Then two 12-pounders from Front Rank with the long barrel option:

Then two "short" 12-pounders using the optional Front Rank barrels and a couple of spare Foundry 6-pound carriages:
Finally two 1-horse limbers from Front Rank as an economical option to pully Hessian 4-pounders.

I have play tested some rules alterations, begun to write up the Partizan scenario as a magazine article and assembled a box of Perry plastics to become the 3rd Foot and 1st DeLancey's for Eutaw Springs. The 3rd Foot will consist of 6 bases at approximately a 1:10 figure:man ratio, but can then be split to give two buff-faced battalions at 1:20 for the larger battles. I'm fairly certain I'll be doing a Germantown themed game next year so I'm building up both armies steadily.

I'm also still debating about a Wars of the Roses project that the BBC aren't really doing much to dissuade me from at present. Maybe something for the Partizan shopping list?

Sunday, 8 May 2016

My Wargaming Week, 8th May 2016

This has been a better week for finishing things off.

Firstly I finished the 1st Hessian Grenadier battalion, bringing me up to the three battalions I need for my 1777 scenarios:

I also added 6 jagers to my existing forces:

The following two command stands/vignettes mostly use figures from the Perry interrogation set along with a hessian officer left over from unit building:

Lastly I finished the rebasing of the mounted part of Pulaski's Legion to bring this 15 year old unit closer to my current standards.

Aside from the modelling I have more or less sorted out the map for my Short Hills scenario which will be the basis of my game at Partizan in Newark, Notts in two weeks' time. I just need to fine tune my rules and should be ready to go.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Sunday Supplement: Chew House

OK so not an exact model, but in the right area I think and not so large that you can't fit a battle around it:

Here is the real thing for comparison.

The rear of the property:


Back to the grenadiers now...