Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Terrain Workshop III

Some progress. Here some grenadiers form up behind one of my scratch-built fences. All made with lolly sticks, matches and a little aquarium gravel.This shot shows the fences again, this time around one of the corn-fields.
This shot shows a better view of the completed tiles. I need to make a lot more fences.
...and another shot, showing a small village set among crop fields and woods. It will benefit from more fences, but I think it is starting to look quite evocative of the AWI.


Friday, 16 April 2010

Terrain Workshop II

Some tiles that I have almost finished. They just need some extra flock etc:

Some free-standing cornfields:
A fourth board that I have just started:

Lastly, some buildings that I have re-painted or finished-off. Some of these have been hanging around for a good few years:
1. Grand Manner AWI tavern
2. Grand Manner AWI house:

3. Hovels colonial church

4. Hovels colonial house:

That's all for now.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Terrain workshop

Hi all

I am on holiday this week, and off to York for a couple of days. Beofre departing though, I have spent some time in my garage, experimenting with the "tarting up" or "pimping" of some old TSS terrain tiles.

The results have been promising. I'll stick up some photos at the weekend. It has been good to actually get away from the word processor and get some "real" gaming activity under my belt again.

I have taken basic TSS boards and textured them in places with polyfilla and a sand/paint mix. This has been painted using brown fence paint (then dry-brushed in paler shades), and the remaining visible green flock as received a coat of green fence-paint. This gives a good finished effect and I have followed this by repainting my latex roads in the same colours and have also brougt some of my buildings up to the same standards. At the end of all this I hope to have a complete collection of more professional-looking terrain than the usual pile of commercial terrain tiles. By using cheap paint that is readily available, I can then add more pieces to the collection.

I visited a local park today and picked up loads of twigs, so the next addition might be lots of woodland...


Saturday, 10 April 2010

Weitzel's Mill

We played out my first effort at a scenario for this battle on Wednesday, using "Black Powder". The game was fun but I think there is some tuning needed for the American rifles and dragoons, so they can out up a slightly more robust rearguard defence.