Tuesday, 21 April 2009

All quiet on the Dutch-Belgian front

Hi all

Just a quick update. I'm still here but am busy this week with getting case presentations and other coursework finished. I'm nearly at the end of my course now, so it is a bit stressful!

I should get some progress done on the buildings over the weekend, but might not get to update the blog until the middle or end of next week.


Saturday, 18 April 2009


Hooray! My Timecast order arrived this morning, so I have been able to start construction on some buildings bases for my 1815 project.

First are back and front shots of a large walled farm/chateau that I will use in the Hougoumont role. An actual model of Hougoumont to match 6mm figures would be too large, I think, so I have constructed this on an 8" x 4" base, but that will get trimmed down later. A base of troops will be accomodated by removing the large house which will be left loose.
The buidlings used are a hotch-potch. The "L"-shaped barn is from the East German farm set from Timecast, the two buildings cast in white resin are from the Timeast "Z" scale Belgian railway station model, the walls are from timecast and the small barn is from the JR range sold by Magister Militum. The haystacks are also from Timecast.
I'm also constructing a smaller walled farm in the mould of La Haye Saint or Gemioncourt (from Quatre Bras). Again, a mix of buildings is used including another JR barn, a house from Timecast's ACW range and a Timecast Belgian barn, walls and haystack. This is on a 3" base with a removable 60mm square to allow troops to be placed in the farm (the corner with the small barn lifts out, walls and all.

I need to get some filler on these to blend the buildings into the base, perhaps add some plasticard gates and then get them undercoated.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Dutch-Belgian Heavies

Here is the start of the Allied army for the hundred days campaign of 1815. The first completed base is of the Belgian 2nd carabiniers, part of Trip's heavy cavalry division. Baccus currently don't have specific Dutch-Belgian figures so I have improvised with Russian cuirassiers to get the effect of the substantial comb on top of each helmet. I happened to have some of these figures spare and lurking in a drawer. I'm pleased with the overall effect: The other base of Trip's division will contain the Dutch 1st and 3rd carabiniers, who had a different unifirm and headgear. As this was dominated by large bicorne hats I opted to use up some spare prussian heavy cavalry. Not exactly spot on, but close enough to do. Here are the 3rd carabiniers who will form half of the base. The 1st regiment will look similar but with rose-coloured facings:
Lastly, I had some spare Austrian uhlan figures, which have been transformed into Brunswick uhlans to form half of the Brunswick Lt cavalry brigade. Now I need to get some hussars!


Wednesday, 8 April 2009

New terrain - more streams

Here are my latest two boards, designed to expand my Wagram terrain into a more generic set of terrain tiles. The streams have been given the same treatment on their banks as the existing boards, so I though I'd list the materials used. First is the rough grass matting produced by Noch in their Gaugemaster range, this is also what I use on figure bases:
Then the bushes/clump foliage from woodland scenics. I use the bushes on figure bases to denote troop quality (1-5 bushes per base):

and this odd-looking stuff from Hornby:

Lastly, I make up a "scatter" to use on swampy areas made from the dust from the Hornby stuff above and the turf scatter below:

I hope this is of some interest. I seem to get quite a few questions about terrain but honestly I do tend to make it up as I go along!

Saturday, 4 April 2009

6 years to go...

Following the completion of the Wagram game, I have been debating what to do next.

Naturally I can use the stuff I had to fight all manner of Austrian vs French battles, and I'm sure these will be great fun. I will finish off the Bavarians & Wurtembergers as well as adding a few italian infantry stands and some insurrectio troops.

In terms of taking on something new however, I am pretty settled on Waterloo. I know that the Peninnsula offers more battles and would seem more sensible but , well, Waterloo is WATERLOO and has a particular fascination.

There is an outside chance of seeing sense, but I have started to put together provisional pre-orders for Timecast and Baccus ready for Partizan in May.

A scale-model of Hougoumont would be too large for the scale created by my rules, so I'm looking to model a generic large walled chateau/farm using odds and sods from across Timecast's ranges. I'll spend the next few weeks refining my plans.