Saturday, 18 April 2009


Hooray! My Timecast order arrived this morning, so I have been able to start construction on some buildings bases for my 1815 project.

First are back and front shots of a large walled farm/chateau that I will use in the Hougoumont role. An actual model of Hougoumont to match 6mm figures would be too large, I think, so I have constructed this on an 8" x 4" base, but that will get trimmed down later. A base of troops will be accomodated by removing the large house which will be left loose.
The buidlings used are a hotch-potch. The "L"-shaped barn is from the East German farm set from Timecast, the two buildings cast in white resin are from the Timeast "Z" scale Belgian railway station model, the walls are from timecast and the small barn is from the JR range sold by Magister Militum. The haystacks are also from Timecast.
I'm also constructing a smaller walled farm in the mould of La Haye Saint or Gemioncourt (from Quatre Bras). Again, a mix of buildings is used including another JR barn, a house from Timecast's ACW range and a Timecast Belgian barn, walls and haystack. This is on a 3" base with a removable 60mm square to allow troops to be placed in the farm (the corner with the small barn lifts out, walls and all.

I need to get some filler on these to blend the buildings into the base, perhaps add some plasticard gates and then get them undercoated.


Anonymous said...

I'm a great fan of your work, and have just begun a similar project for 1815, for inspiration I would highly recommend reading "Four Days In June" by Iain Gale, specifically for the defence of Hougoumont.

Will follow your progress with great interest.


Monty said...

Nice one! Love the buidings - Hougemont Farm has a special affinity with me as my old Regiment, the Coldstream Guards and the 2nd Battalion in particular, were instrumental in its defence (I wasn't personally there, mind!)But the farm's defence is celebrated annually within the Regiment to this day.
All the best!


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Have you considered using 3mm scale building for Waterloo?

Smaller scale building tend to works fine.

Steve said...

I have considered smaller-scale buildings, but they don't deliver the "pretty" look that I want in my games. I'd rather "bathtub" the buildings and keep the nice looking models.

Just my personal preference!

David said...

Nice work so far. Can't wait to see them finished and in action.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, look forward to seeing the finished article.