Monday, 13 April 2009

Dutch-Belgian Heavies

Here is the start of the Allied army for the hundred days campaign of 1815. The first completed base is of the Belgian 2nd carabiniers, part of Trip's heavy cavalry division. Baccus currently don't have specific Dutch-Belgian figures so I have improvised with Russian cuirassiers to get the effect of the substantial comb on top of each helmet. I happened to have some of these figures spare and lurking in a drawer. I'm pleased with the overall effect: The other base of Trip's division will contain the Dutch 1st and 3rd carabiniers, who had a different unifirm and headgear. As this was dominated by large bicorne hats I opted to use up some spare prussian heavy cavalry. Not exactly spot on, but close enough to do. Here are the 3rd carabiniers who will form half of the base. The 1st regiment will look similar but with rose-coloured facings:
Lastly, I had some spare Austrian uhlan figures, which have been transformed into Brunswick uhlans to form half of the Brunswick Lt cavalry brigade. Now I need to get some hussars!



Behind_The_Wire said...

It never ceases to impress me the scale of historical accuracy you get with these figures.

Best of luck with Waterloo, I'll definately be following closely.

Kind Regards


Steve said...

Thanks, Rhys

The figures are not quite right, but close enough and it is amazing what 6mm lets you get away with!


Simon said...


again the quality and detail on the figures is great and your are totally right about getting away with it in 6mm.

Carry on the good work.


Behind_The_Wire said...

The figures are certainly looking more than right to me albeit untrained eye. :)

Likewise it's why I love 6mm. I find it's a perfect blend of ease of painting, quality of figures and overall 'look'.

Anonymous said...

Just had to leave a comment, I have been following your blog for quite some time now. Love that style of painting, the best I have seen with 6mm. The highlighting really works, especially on the faces etc. Basing style is simply excellent, I always felt that good basing was essential for 6mm to truly work.

Great blog.I look forward to watching the Waterloo project develop.

PS: My 15mm Napoleonic painting blog ran out of steam 18 months ago, but I'm very much inspired by this to have a try with Baccus. You might care to take a quick look? I think our styles sre not too dissimilar?

Btw,that Hornby scenic stuff made me smile! Wasn't aware they sold bags of skunk :-) !!!