Saturday, 4 April 2009

6 years to go...

Following the completion of the Wagram game, I have been debating what to do next.

Naturally I can use the stuff I had to fight all manner of Austrian vs French battles, and I'm sure these will be great fun. I will finish off the Bavarians & Wurtembergers as well as adding a few italian infantry stands and some insurrectio troops.

In terms of taking on something new however, I am pretty settled on Waterloo. I know that the Peninnsula offers more battles and would seem more sensible but , well, Waterloo is WATERLOO and has a particular fascination.

There is an outside chance of seeing sense, but I have started to put together provisional pre-orders for Timecast and Baccus ready for Partizan in May.

A scale-model of Hougoumont would be too large for the scale created by my rules, so I'm looking to model a generic large walled chateau/farm using odds and sods from across Timecast's ranges. I'll spend the next few weeks refining my plans.



Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with Waterloo, but give a thought to Borodino. Once you had the Russians done you'd only need a bit more to cover Leipzig...

Steve said...

I'd consider Borodino if I had any particular interest in the Russian army of 1812. Unfortunately I currently don't!
Anyone volunteering to produce a Russian army is welcome to contact me if they want to take on my French in a game :-)
Leipzig would just be silly ;-))))))