Thursday, 19 February 2009

French cavalry finished

Not the best photos, but time is a bit tight...

Here are the based-up cuirassiers of Arrighi's division:
..and some spare officer stands

followed by four brigades of light cavalry (hussars and chasseurs)

I've had a chance to get the armies laid out and now need to complete the following (before the end of March!)
Austria: 4 bases of infantry, 2 mixed bases of inf/cav, 2 officer bases
France: 11 bases of infantry (!) and 8 bases of artillery
I've made a start on the last Austrians already and the french are on order.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Experimental Cuirassiers

Here is the reulst of some experimentation as described in the previous post. The first picture shows some French cuirassiers with the basic colurs blocked in:Then after 2 coats of a 50/50 mix of matt varnish and GW Devlan Mud wash
Then after highlighting

This has been much quicker than the previous method of blocking in dark shades and then highlighting with lighter colours. I think this is because the amount of highlighting is reduced.
Next up are some hussars. This time round I'll paint the horses brown and shade with neat Devlan mud before blocking in the riders and washing with one coat of the 50/50 mix.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Paint experimentation

So, washes and dips are all the rage. I have been using glazes made with varnish or PVA for a couple of years with pretty good effects.

As GW have recently replaced their inks with a range of washes I thought I'd give one a go to see how well they worked. I purchased a pot of GW Devlan Mud wash (a sort of dark brown). I have to say I am impressed. On 6mm horses I used it in place of ink using my normal method of medium brown or grey followed by a light brown or grey dry brush, then a dark wash. The GW wash settles nicely into the recesses and produces a very effective graduation from dark to light - better than the plain ink. It also dries quite matt.

My next experiment has been to paint 6mm Napoleonic french infantry in a basic block-painting style followed by the GW wash. The Devlan Mud produced too dark an effect and the other colour in the range didn;t seem quite right. To get a more subtle effect I decanted equal amounts of the GW wash and matt varnish into an empty pot. This has worked very well. My latest batch of 6mm french infantry had their white/blue/brown/black/grey painted in quickly, then the diluted wash was applied (2 coats) and then the remaining colours were painted in. I did need to go back over the white cross-belts but otherwise this saved quite a bit of time.

This evening I'm basing up 4 bases of french infantry, that I only started a few days ago. These 4 bases will form the entirety of the Army of Dalmatia (under Marmont) as I start to build-up the remainder of Napoleon's army for Wagram.

Pictures to follow


Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Hurrah! As promised, some pictures at last. Mainly Austrians.

First is the Reserve Korps commander including a conversion to produce a mounted grenadier commander:

Then we have 3 regiments of hussars

Then a nice solid unit of regular infantry:

And a mixed unit of line infantry and bohemian landwehr. The landwehr are in an idealised uniform based on contemporary plates, but I doubt they ever looked this smart in reality, especially with the shako rings. They also have somewhat conjectural flags, with the crest of bohemia on one side, the Hapsburg eagle on the other and the "flames" around the edges limited to just black, white and red.

Here is an advance guard brigade; uhlans, jagers and artillery!

and we round of the austrians with a shed-load of artillery:

Lastly, for balance, here is the single base incorporating all of the Italian Royal Guard; dragoons, guard d'honeur, grenadiers, chasseurs and velites:

Hope you like them!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Pictures tomorrow

...probably :-)

Due to the inclement weather I'm not gaming tomorrow, so should have time to finish the basing on the latest batch of 6mm napoleonics including the Italian Royal Guard [trumpets].

check back tomorrow night!