Friday, 6 February 2009

Paint experimentation

So, washes and dips are all the rage. I have been using glazes made with varnish or PVA for a couple of years with pretty good effects.

As GW have recently replaced their inks with a range of washes I thought I'd give one a go to see how well they worked. I purchased a pot of GW Devlan Mud wash (a sort of dark brown). I have to say I am impressed. On 6mm horses I used it in place of ink using my normal method of medium brown or grey followed by a light brown or grey dry brush, then a dark wash. The GW wash settles nicely into the recesses and produces a very effective graduation from dark to light - better than the plain ink. It also dries quite matt.

My next experiment has been to paint 6mm Napoleonic french infantry in a basic block-painting style followed by the GW wash. The Devlan Mud produced too dark an effect and the other colour in the range didn;t seem quite right. To get a more subtle effect I decanted equal amounts of the GW wash and matt varnish into an empty pot. This has worked very well. My latest batch of 6mm french infantry had their white/blue/brown/black/grey painted in quickly, then the diluted wash was applied (2 coats) and then the remaining colours were painted in. I did need to go back over the white cross-belts but otherwise this saved quite a bit of time.

This evening I'm basing up 4 bases of french infantry, that I only started a few days ago. These 4 bases will form the entirety of the Army of Dalmatia (under Marmont) as I start to build-up the remainder of Napoleon's army for Wagram.

Pictures to follow


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