Thursday, 19 February 2009

French cavalry finished

Not the best photos, but time is a bit tight...

Here are the based-up cuirassiers of Arrighi's division:
..and some spare officer stands

followed by four brigades of light cavalry (hussars and chasseurs)

I've had a chance to get the armies laid out and now need to complete the following (before the end of March!)
Austria: 4 bases of infantry, 2 mixed bases of inf/cav, 2 officer bases
France: 11 bases of infantry (!) and 8 bases of artillery
I've made a start on the last Austrians already and the french are on order.


Donogh said...

I just got John Gill's Thunder on the Danube during the week, so I may be following you into running this campaign in 6mm soon!

Steve said...

Good luck with the madness, Donough!

I've been painting these for the thick end of 2 years :-)

Once Wagram is done I still need to go back to the early part of the campaign to finish the Bavarians and Wurtemmburgers (and the Baden brigade, and Austrian V Korps, some insurrectio for Italy, some Italians for italy, maybe some Poles...)

...and after that, the British!