Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Hurrah! As promised, some pictures at last. Mainly Austrians.

First is the Reserve Korps commander including a conversion to produce a mounted grenadier commander:

Then we have 3 regiments of hussars

Then a nice solid unit of regular infantry:

And a mixed unit of line infantry and bohemian landwehr. The landwehr are in an idealised uniform based on contemporary plates, but I doubt they ever looked this smart in reality, especially with the shako rings. They also have somewhat conjectural flags, with the crest of bohemia on one side, the Hapsburg eagle on the other and the "flames" around the edges limited to just black, white and red.

Here is an advance guard brigade; uhlans, jagers and artillery!

and we round of the austrians with a shed-load of artillery:

Lastly, for balance, here is the single base incorporating all of the Italian Royal Guard; dragoons, guard d'honeur, grenadiers, chasseurs and velites:

Hope you like them!


Donogh said...

Very nice indeed - even the Italians!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Feel free to add your blog updates on - I have a special blog category on there.


David Jones

Bonapart said...


Thanks for your advise about painting 6 mm (message board on Miniature Page). Have seen some of your pictures and looks very nice! Our compliments! 3 to 4 minutes per figure gives me some hope. After many years of 15 mm it wil be a hell of a job starting all over again in 6 mm. Have no time now but wil visit your blog later.

Bonapart (the Dutch guy)