Monday, 9 February 2009

Experimental Cuirassiers

Here is the reulst of some experimentation as described in the previous post. The first picture shows some French cuirassiers with the basic colurs blocked in:Then after 2 coats of a 50/50 mix of matt varnish and GW Devlan Mud wash
Then after highlighting

This has been much quicker than the previous method of blocking in dark shades and then highlighting with lighter colours. I think this is because the amount of highlighting is reduced.
Next up are some hussars. This time round I'll paint the horses brown and shade with neat Devlan mud before blocking in the riders and washing with one coat of the 50/50 mix.


Bonapart said...

Hello Steve

I am very imprest! Looks realy very nice. Your advise on the message board is very helpfull including the link and gives me some hope that within a week or 2 the first army pack could be finished


Braxen said...

Great results on the cuirassiers!

that's the way I paint systematically all my 6mm - 1/285 models.

The wash tend to link together the blocked colors, acts as an extra shade. As you rightly pointed out, only a highlight is then necessary.