Saturday, 26 April 2014

NY Loyalists

I have been painting some of those new Perry plastic continentals but have used the first ones as loyalists.

The basing needs finishing off but the unit is taking shape.

These are painted to represent a unit of New York loyalists serving in the south, such as the NY volunteers or the Royal Americans, both of which were present at Hobkirk's Hill. I think may use this battle as the subject of my demo game at The Other Partizan in the autumn (Weitzell's Mill in June).

As such units were raised by wealthy individuals I have used the British command sprue for the officers and NCOs with fancy gold lace, etc, but the rank and file are continental figures. All have floppy hats from the British sprues apart from the officers in cocked hats.

As with my other plastic units I find they don't "come to life" until the final highlights go on; but the finished effect is very nice. This is my current "usual" technique of block paint/wash/highlight.

Next up are some metal figures to paint up as light infantry/convalescents. I've also started some test figures for the North Carolina continentals at Eutaw Springs.

Have a good weekend!


Rodger said...

Wonderful looking unit Steve!

Moiterei_1984 said...

Brilliant painting!

DeanM said...

They look great, both the figures themselves, and of course the great brushwork.

Neil Scott said...

Great looking unit

painterman said...

Great work Steve - need to get some of these.