Friday, 27 April 2007


So, now Salute is out of the way it is on to the next projects. At Salute I picked up the new "Crusader" ancient rules and these look very good. I have started to get my Caesarian Romans sorted out to give the rules a go. I have finished off two units of legionaries, one of which is pictured here, rebased my general and his staff and I have just painted up a new centurion over the last few evenings. The trickiest thing has been painting new figures with the same shield design as the ones I did a couple of years age. Luckily it was a design I was pretty happy painting so it all seems to be coming together.

I have primed and started anough figures for a third unit of 24 infantry. I already have a unit of 8 gallic cavalry and a few numidian bits and bobs so there will be enough for a small wargames army within a month or so, depending on distractions. Once this force is assembled, I'll finish off the bases.

For anyone interested, the WW1 demo game will be appearing at Partizan next month.

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Superb painting, especially the shiled blazon for the officer.