Saturday, 28 April 2007

Kicking off the Crusades

Got home from work last night to find my "special" order from Gripping Beast had arrived. Wasting no time, I returned the Caesarians to the back-burner for the evening to get a couple of crusaders done. The colour scheme is unashamedly "Kingdom of Heaven", which is no surprise as the DVD forms my principal source of reference at the moment.

These are fantastic figures - the Military Order Knights unit pack, with a great variety of barded horses. I'm looking forward to completing the 10 further figures that will complete the unit. As with the Caesarians, the bases will be finished off at a later date. I'm particularly pleased with the way the jewelled hilt of the leader's sword has turned out. Painting that Eldar army a few years back certainly paid off!

For those that like to know:

The pale parts of the clour scheme are GW Graveyard Earth, progressively lightened with Anita's Acrylics Sand.
The reddish colour is Anita's Bunt Sienna (although GW Dark flesh is similar), progressively lightened with Anita's coffee and sand
The knights cloaks are painted with greyas and whites as a bit of a contrast
The armour is drybrushed silver over black, then washed with a glaze of PVA + black paint + dark blue paint, then re-highlighted with silver once dry.

...and painting parded horses is a LOT more fun than unbarded ones!

right, off to undercoat the next batch!

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Bill T said...

Great paint job Steve. I look forward to seeing more of these.