Sunday, 29 April 2018

Camden 1780 for Partizan 2018 (6)

Progress continues in assembling the forces for Camden. Today I finished the 1st Maryland Continental Regiment, part of the 1st Maryland Brigade. Accompanying them is a detachment of the 5th Maryland; the rest of that regiment was not at Camden, but supporting Sumter’s Partizan militia. 

The 1st brigade were in reserve at Camden so are modelled as marching/advancing rather than the firing line poses I used for the 2nd brigade. Foundry figures with some Perry Miniatures command. Flag by GMB and bases by Warbases. 

At Partizan on May 20th I’ll be on table DG23. Brendan Morrissey will be helping with die rolling and soldier shuffling. Hope to see some of you there. It looks as if we again have a crop of excellent games lined up for the show so bring your cameras!