Saturday, 7 June 2014

Loyalist light dragoons

Here are those loyalist cavalry I mentioned.

The figures are the Perry 4th Continental Light Dragoons, but painted in a uniform more appropriate to loyalists in the south. They are one piece castings, apart from the right arms. I'm not yet convinced that this is vastly better than separate riders and horses but it does allow for a few more dynamic poses.

The chap on the black horse was undercoated black, the one on the grey horse in white and the other four were done with skeleton bone. All seem to match up now they are finished.

The bases aren't finished yet, but I'm already pleased with the rather smart appearance of this unit.
They will appear as the NY dragoons when I game Hobkirk's Hill.


Michael Awdry said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

painterman said...

Steve - great idea to use of the new dragoon figures - they look splendid.
I'n just starting 4th Dragoons - leaving off attaching the arms until they are painted, to make accessing the details a bit easier!
all the best, Simon.

Steve said...

Hi Simon. I left the arms off as long as possible too, otherwise it is nigh on impossible to paint the waistcoats, jacket facings, etc.