Thursday, 9 May 2019

Building bocage (2)

To complete the process of building my bocage sections:

First I applied my usual figure basing mix and some static grass to the banks. This helps the bocage to match my other terrain and figure bases. I used clear PVA for this and it seems to work a little better than the usual white stuff. 

Next I used the same clear PVA to apply fine turf scatter to the hedges. To thicken this up I allowed the glue to soak into the first application of turf then sprinkled on some more. 

Lastly I applied more fine turf scatter to make the tree foliage. For this I sprayed the rubberised coco fibre forming the tree with matt varnish and sprinkled on various mixes of turf colours to create some variation.

Everything then got a spat all over with matt varnish to fix the materials in place. 

All done and ready for Partizan! See you a week on Sunday. 


Michal Kucharski DwarfCrypt said...

Excellent looking terrain!

شوشو said...
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