Saturday, 6 February 2016

My Wargaming Week, 6th Feb 2016

Hi there.

A fair week on the painting front has seen the Minningerode grenadier battalion finished, along with a few vignettes.

To celebrate, the recent additions to my hessian collection staged an impromptu parade:

Below are the Fusiliers von Lossberg with the Grenadier Regiment Rall in support:

A closer look at Rall:
And a close up of the as yet unnamed commander:
Flags are from GMB. Tricky to get to look right but I think I'm improving:
Commander again:

..and a vignette of an officer taking a pot-shot with his fusil:
The artillery stand ready:
...while their officer works out where the target is:

The grenadiers lead the way:

Close up of one stand:
And another. This officer figure is from the Copplestone-sculpted Foundry SYW Prussian range. Everything else is Perry.
..and finally the mass of troops moves off back to barracks.

A start has been made on the Fusilier Regt Erbprinz. Another 32 figures to grind through to get the basic colours blocked-in.



A-Historian said...

Very nice work Steve! Makes me want to chuck all the moderns and sci-fi off the painting table so I can get started on my own AWI stuff!

Steve63 said...

Great work, I sold my AWI collection a few years ago due to lack of opponents and out of all the figures I've sold the AWI is the only ones I regret.

painterman said...

Wonderful Steve - very impressive sight of so many Hessians - always a challenge to paint so many that are needed.
Great mix of the rank & file with the vignettes.

jonathan said...

Very nice work. Always liked the look of the Hessians.

Simon Miller said...

Great painting, Steve!

agce nichols said...

Excellent work Steve, keep toying with the idea of those German grenadier Bn's ; & this isn't helping resistance ! Lol

Jonathan Freitag said...

I love a parade!

AHunt said...

Great work. That's a solid core right there. Very nice painting all round.

Will McNally said...

A splendid looking force

DeanM said...

Beautiful Grenadiers, Steve! Love the unique command figures, particularly the "African" drummer.

Matt Crump said...

Fantastic effort they look great.

Giles said...

Wonderful, inspiring stuff, Steve. Hessians do look really good en masse.

Best wishes


Steve said...

Thanks folks!