Thursday, 18 February 2016

Thursday Progress

Hi all

Progress over the half-term holiday.

First up is my interpretation of Ferguson's riflemen from the 1777 campaigns in New Jersey and Philadelphia. These chaps were armed with a novel, if unreliable, breech loading rifle and could fire up to 6 shots a minute. The rifles could also accommodate a bayonet. The unit was disbanded after the Battle of Brandywine.

The uniform is an educated guess.

Next are some British Grenadiers that have been rebased and expanded. They can be fielded as one large battalion or split into two wings. I have based up a seperate major to act as a command stand if the unit is divided.

Finally for today is the Fusilier Regiment Erbprinz. The pink facings came out OK using Vallejo brown rose and washing with a GW red wash. Not my absolute best work but I think I was getting a bit exhausted with Hessians.

I have been through the bits box and have a few more of the Foundry grenadiers and ordered a few blisters of the Foundry British Light Infantry.

I also prepped some Front Rank 12 pound cannons, used some spare barrels on Foundry carriages to make a couple of "short" 12-pounders and finally assembled the Foundry 24-pounder that I bought when it was originally released about 15 years ago.

Next up are British Light Infantry.

The collection is now gathering units from the 1777 actions in the middle states, so the shopping list for March is likely to feature Queens Rangers and 16th LD.



Michael Awdry said...

My word, you've been busy, they all look superb.

Colin Ashton said...

Lovely figures Steve.

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

They're all lovely, but Furgeson's Rifles are my favorite! I may have to paint up a similar unit I like them so much. In a pinch they can even stand in as a generic loyalist unit with their sharp green coats.

MichaƂ Kucharski said...

Oh yes, fantastic minis!

Neil Scott said...

Lovely work, especially on the grenadiers

DeanM said...

Fabulous collection of AWI troops. Love the fur capped Grenadiers.

Phil said...

Superb units, love the Ferguson's riflemen...