Sunday, 21 February 2016

British and Allies on parade

As I mentioned in my last post, I needed to reorganise my collection of AWI troops among their various storage boxes. The easiest way to do this is to get everything out and then put them away in a logical order.
While the troops were inboxes I took the opportunity to parade the British and allies. I might do the same for the rebels in a couple of weeks' time.

First we have the whole parade. There's close to 800 figures here.

Below we have the Hessian contingent with the newly finished units. If these are expanded then two further grenadier battalions are the priority.

Next we have the "posh" British in full uniform. These are suitable for the first year of the war (Bunker Hill etc) or as fresh off the boat units for the attack on New York in 1776 or possibly for newly arrived units in the south in 1781/2. Grenadiers are in the background, light companies in front and the 33rd, 55th and 44th regiments in the centre.

Regardless of date and theatre I'll probably use the grenadiers in full uniform whenever grenadiers are called for.

Below are the rougher, tougher British in campaign uniforms. The British Legion cavalry can also be seen in their green coats lurking behind the 17th Light Dragoons.

In front are the light companies that I am currently adding to. Briefly from back to front we see the 33rd, 71st, 23rd, 64th, 63rd, 1st Guards battalion, 2nd Guards battalion, Guards flank companies, light companies, artillery and officers.
 Lastly come the loyalists/provincials. At the back is a small unit of NY light dragoons, then the Royal North Carolina Regiment and the British Legion Foot. These two are from my original demo game of Camden back in 2002 and even though the uniforms aren't really very accurate I am clinging on to them for now; even with their older basing style.

In front of these are a couple of small loyalist battalions, then the Volunteers of Ireland and the South Carolina Royalists.

In the front row are some random loyalist light companies flanking Ferguson's riflemen. The latter aren't actually provincials as the unit was made of detachments from the regular army, but they seemed to fit in this section quite well.

So there we have it. The collection continues to grow so this is perhaps the last time I'll fit this army onto the kitchen table in its entirety!


warpaintjj said...

What a fine collection. I'm increasingly drawn to the period but must resist temptation until my Napoleonic master plan is complete!
Thanks for commenting. Best wishes,

Colin Ashton said...

Wonderful sight!

Neil Scott said...

Beautiful looking army

Matt Crump said...

Absolutely fantastic collection a great effort........

Bedford said...

It must be a great feeling to have over 800 Brits and Allies parading on what I can only assume is your dining table Steve ;>)

They do look resplendent!!


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Now that's an impressive spectacle!


Phil said...

A fantastic collection!!

Mike said...

Wow... superb collection :)