Sunday, 17 February 2013

Hill Fort part 3 (jigging around)

I have been churning out sections of palisade today, made from matchsticks and thought it might be of interest to show how I have gone about it.

The sections have been assembled in jigs I have made from some spare MDF, lolly sticks and matches. One is shown in the photo. The gap in the jig is filled with matches and then another match is glued in line with the base of the jig, meaning that the height above this level will be the inch that I want. A second match is glued to give strength higher up and another glued alongside the match along the base for yet more strength.

Once the glue has dried the sections are removed from the jigs and the spare lengths of match, the bits sticking out beyond the base of the jig, are cut away. I use a big pair if scissors but proper model makers may prefer a saw or knife. This is why we needed all that glue and strengthening!

Once I have finished the 30 sections I need for the fort perimeter they can be glued in place. I'll also make some taller sections to line the entrance to the fort under the gatehouse.

The gatehouse itself will be removable although the supporting pillars will be glued in place. They have been shortened since the test shots yesterday. I might use some magnabased to make this a bit more robust.


Rafael Pardo said...

The matchsticks look very nice!

Monty said...

It looks effective Steve, looking forward to seeing the finished result - nice one.