Friday, 8 February 2013

Rummaging Around

I had a bit of a forage in the garage lead pile this evening. Between the figures awaiting rebasing & new shields and a box of unpainted/partpiinted stuff I seem to have enough Foundry Saxon/Frank figures to put together half a dozen units of warriors and probably some skimishers too. I've already undercoated some old mounted figures so I think I have the makings of a generic germanic army, which will fulfill the role of visigoths and assorted sundry types to add to my Dux Bellorum options.

It is nice to fall back on some old lead without having to fork out any cash for new stuff. I will eventually need some more cavalry and probaby some more infantry, but this will make a big difference to the project. I wonder how much I can get done before Salute?



Dalauppror said...

Sound like a greate find:)

Good luck with the completion the the units, looking forward to some pictures during the road.

Have a nice weekend !

best regards Michael

James Brewerton said...

Result, I have an ancient Idian army (start of at least) sitting at the bottom of my lead pile somewhere
Peace James