Sunday, 17 February 2013

Hill Fort part 4

Palisade assembled with hot glue and rough layer of filler added.

This needs a good few days to dry befor I add some textured paint.

If you look around the gateway you can see where the gatehouse can be dropped on- once I have worked it out and built it.

Next up will be the gate house and some more figures. Probably 4 Late Roman skirmishers I think, ready for our demo games at Salute in April.



Rafael Pardo said...

Great job! However, I don't understand the reason of the hollow terrain within the fort

el frances said...

Great job ! What a patience !

Smillie said...

Great work, look forward to seeing it finished.

Steve said...

It's not really necessary but represents the base level of the fort to emphasise that the ramparts have been built up. This is less obvious because the ramparts are 60mm deep to accommodate my bases. The one advantage of this is to keep the entrance ramp from being very steep and the gateway won't need to be as high as it otherwise would. This keeps the proportions a little nicer. Strictly the cliffs should not rise so high, but I think it looks ok. Remember this is a wargame model that has to function practically in games. It isn't a scale replica of a real fort, so there is a cartoon element to it. It is also an "austerity project" so compromises a little to use as much of the spare stuff I have knocking around; hence matchsticks for ramparts rather than buying dowel. Hope that clarifies things! :-)