Friday, 8 February 2013

Dux Bellorum game (7 Feb 13)

No painting last night as I was in Nottingham for a game of Dux Bellorum. After a quick pub meal James and I set to organising our armies.

James took a Romano-British army consisting of shield wall companions, six units of levy shield wall, some noble riders, javelin armed foot skirmishers, sling armed foot skirmishers, and some mounted skirmishers. He added two units of allied warriors to give some punch to the army.

I went for Late Romans and we rationalised this as being a skirmish arising from Riothamus's campaign in Gaul, opposed by local Gallo-Romans. I went for a small, capable force composed of mounted companions, noble riders, ordinary riders, noble shield wall and two units of ordinary shield wall, supported by a unit of bow armed skirmishers and a unit of javelin armed mounted skirmishers. I also spent points on two extra leadership points.

Rolling for aggression James came out as the aggressor allowing me the luxury of reacting to his deployment. This, coupled with the extra leadership proved a huge advantage. This was compounded by the warriors being sent in early allowing them to be defeated before the lumbering mass of spearmen could catch up. This put Riothamus on the back foot and despite my units getting pretty bashed up I was able to keep knocking off those levy until the British morale broke.

It looked one sided at the end but I did have many units clinging on to their final point of cohesion so with a bit of luck it could have gone the other way. We thought that levy were interesting but you need a good plan to get the best out of them, and that a game with levy in both armies would be interesting. We played using all the optional rules, limiting defensive LPs to two per unit per turn. These all added to the game with no significant increase in complexity.

All in all a great game.

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Dalauppror said...

Sounds like a greate evening! No pictures by any chanse?

Think it was a good thing ti limit the defensive dice, they can make some battles last very long.

Best regards Michael