Friday, 4 May 2007

AWI Greencoats

At last, I have finally based up the Jagers. It has only taken a year! I'd better go easy though as I need to get the crusaders et al finished bfore going mad on another AWI kick. It is all Smegs' fault as he keeps pestering me for more AWI pics! Just for you mate, here are some more photos, this time of my British Legion (Tarleton's). The bloke on the horse waving his weapon about is Bloody Ban himself, converted from a Foundry Continental Light Dragoon officer bearing down on a Foundry french revolutionary casualty (with a musket out of the same range). The chaps with the flag are also converted from Continental Light Dragoons. The dismounted chaps are new paint jobs on Perry 16th Light Dragoons and the officer waving his hat is a Perry Continental officer.

Converting the Continental cavalry wasn't too hard actually. All I did was sqeezed the existing horsehair crest with pliers then trimmed it off with clippers to leave the leather cap and a ridge where the crest had been. On this I plopped a saussage of greenstuff that then got liberally stabbed with a wet pin (to avoid sticking). This created the bearskin effect. Once this hardened off I stuck on a little "fan" of greenstuff to the left hand side of each helmet (his left, not mine) and titivated with a pin and the tip of a scalpel to look a bit feathery. A nice green paintjob set them off OK. The green, incidentally, was the old WHSmith Pine green mixed with a little black then highlighted up by mixing in my favourite Anita's Acrylics Sand. Shame WHSmith got out of the hobby paint market as they mad e a few really outstandingly useful shades. Most of my AWI redcoats were painted with a base shade of Grape and a top shade of Rosewood. If you hunt around you can still sometimes find these in big squeezy tubes, but with different names.

The geegees look a bit naff now on some figures (simple inkwashes over a pale brown basecoat) but they look OK in the flesh and much worse on camera.

The crusaders are coming along, I promise.

Have to do lots of studying this weekend so output will depend on how well this goes!

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